A perfect fairy tale

Anna is a shy girl, who is best friends with Niall Horon. They've been friends for years, but does Niall think of Anna as a best friend or closer than that? Please read and comment :) ~Alanna


1. The Park

I wake up around 5 am to the sound of cars passing by. I look out my window. It's still dark. I couldn't fall back asleep, so I decided to make a day plan. First I took a shower in the bathroom that was attached to my room. Next I quickly dried myself then got dressed in jeans and a galaxy printed sweated and black converse and a black beanie. I looked down the hallway to make sure my parents were asleep. In my luck they were. I grabbed my iPhone 5c, and quickly ran down the stairs, through the living room and out the door. I decided to take a walk to the park to get my mind off of any stress. As I arrived to the park I heard someone say something. I got scared so I hid under the slide. As I looked around, to my surprise I saw Niall Horon, my best guy friend, standing by the swings. "Anna, are you really hiding from me?" Niall said. "Sorry, I didn't know it was you..." I said.

*Before I continue telling you what happened I might as well tell you about Niall and I. So I live in a two story townhouse with my "mom" and "dad"( these are my adopted parents) I have light brown ambré hair with blonde streaks, crystal green/grey eyes, I'm small, I'm 14

Here's the situation with Niall and I, when we met in 3rd grade, we were instant best friends, and because I'm a very shy and quiet girl, he tries to find me friends, ew. Any ways....*

I walked over to Niall and he pulled me in to a warm hug. "Can't sleep either?" Niall said looking at me with a concerned face. "No... I um... Ya I just couldn't sleep..." I replied looking down at my feet. The truth is, I couldn't sleep because I have crazy, vivid dreams all the time, and tonight was a horrible nightmare, but I didn't want to scare Niall with the details and stuff. "Well, do you want to walk to school around 7?" Niall said tilting my head up. " ya, ok..." I said uneasy. I hate school.

Hello my lovely readers! I'm glad your reading my fan fiction or blurb, I think I'm going to call you my little kittens, or something :) well like and comment please! Thanks ~Alanna

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