Out of My Limit

5SOS FANFICTION: YES FAMOUSE: Bryne Brisbane is an average 5SOS fan and is madly in love with Ashton but when she gets picked to meet and greet Luke, she's disappointed is about to give up her ticket until something happens...


1. #pilot

Bryne's POV

I was so excited when my parents let me move to Los Angelos with my best friend, Bella. We arrived to the hotel and it was amazing, a lot better than my grandparent's house, they're out of  town but the place, it's ancient. Anyways, best of all, I saved up for VIP tickets to get a chance to meet ASHTON!!! And well, I guess Bella wants to meet Luke. I don't know why, he has a lip piercing, how do you kiss a man with jewelry on his LIP!? Damn. When I got to the stadium there was nobody there, just this tall whore already screaming and then sat down. I turned to Bella and giggled.

"What?" She asked, then smiled, she knew what I meant but wanted me to say it out loud.

"Oh just those to fatasses are sitting down screaming, I bet they won free KFC for a year tickets."

Then the two girls turned to us and scoffed then walked to the other side. They looked older than us, yet their scared. I guys a few hours/minutes later it started to get crowded. 5SOS popped out of through the floor and started She Looks So Perfect, then the rest of the album songs.

"Hi/Hey guys!" Ashton shouted, the whole fandom screamed."So, so, um, we're going to pick a very special--

"Four lucky fans." Calum corrected.

Yeah Calum, so each of us to take around, we will pick one so show us how much YOU LOVE US!"

I showed them my signal of 'I wanna Fuck U'. Apparently I stared at Luke, he walked out and next thing you know the light was pointed on me. I looked up again, at Ashton but he was staring at someone else.

"YOU!" Luke said. I looked up and he was pointing at me. I nearly died... of horror. A man told me to sit there and Bella had to leave.

"Wait, you're just leaving me?" She asked sadly.

"No because uh I mean, I guess I'll leave." I said.

"You guess? Bryne you know how much I love Luke and if you just join in and steal him away from me like always!"

"Since when? What are you talking about?"

"You can't take that ticket, Bryne, he's mine!" She demanded. I almost got offended, holy shit, I DID get offended.

"You know what you jerk? I'm taking the ticket or chance WHATEVER!" I snapped and turned around to the man."I'm ready, just take HER away from me."

"HOW DARE YOU! WHORE!" Bella stuck a middle finger in my face, it hurt more than anything but she was a total ass. I guess I can get close to Ash with this ticket to meet Luke.

Message: hey guys, hope u enjoyed it... i guess so anyways, please DONOT comment rude things about how mean and bitchy that is because it's annoying. <3 thanks. :*

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