I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


18. Tease

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We walked down the stairs .

Demi: AWWWWWW !! Back together ?

Justin: What do you mean back together ? We were never done to begin with .

I pecked his lips .

Selena: I love youu .

We sat down on the couch . We started cuddling .

Justin: I miss cuddling with you .

Selena: I miss you .

He pushed his lips against mine .

We started watching tv . The movie Fast and Furious came on.

Selena: I'll be right back babe . I need to go pee .

Justin: No .

Selena: Babyyyyyy !!

Justin: What ?

Selena: I need to go pee !

Justin: To bad . I have you in my arms and i'm not letting go.

Selena: Pleaseeee babe .

Justin: Nopeee !

I needed to go so bad . And i knew a way he would loosen his grip .

I was on top of Justin now . My chest on his. He started biting his lip .

Selena: I really miss you baby . And miss feeling loved .

I started brushing my lips over his . We soon started kissing slowly . I started kissing down to kiss neck . He let out a moan . He then loosened his grip . I jumped off him and ran to the bathroom .

Selena: SUCKERRRRR !!!!!!

He started chasing after me .


I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me . I went pee . I walked back out . I didn't see Justin anywhere . He probably went back into the living room . I was walking back to the living room but then I got picked up from behind .

Justin: Now did you think you would get away with that . That easy ?

Selena: Maybe .

Justin: Lets finish what we started.

Selena: Later . Please babe .

Justin: Babyy !

Selena: Please babeee ! But i promise you we would finish .

Justin: Ughh fine . We better .

We went into the living room and saw Demi and Alfredo making out .

Selena: WOW ! Get a roooom !

Me and Justin started laughing and so did they . Alfredo pulled the covers over them . So they were under them now .

Me and Justin sat back down on the couch and pulled the covers on us . I soon got hot. I took off my shirt and pants off . So i was now in my underwear and bra.

Justin: You tease .

I started laughing .

Selena: I love youuu .

Justin: Your perfect baby .

Selena: So are you .

I pecked his lips . We continued watching the movie .

Demi: Baby lets go upstairs .

Justin: Oh shittt . Demi and Alfredo gonna make loveee .

Alfredo: Maybe . Maybe not .

Demi: OH MY GOSH !

Selena: Make up sex like shit .

Demi: Selenaaaaaaaaa !!!

We all started laughing .

Alfredo: Come on baby .

Alfredo picked Demi up and carried her upstairs .

Selena: Baby i'm thirsty . Come with my to go get water ?

Justin: Okay .

We walked to the kitchen and got my water . I accidentally dropped it . I ducked down to get it . I turned around and Justin was licking his lips .

Justin: Can i show you love yet ?

I started giggling .

Selena: Not yet Babe .

Justin: Ughhhhhh . I-

He stopped talking and his eyes got watery . He then grabbed my hand and looked at me in the eyes.

Justin: W-Why?

A/N~ OOOOOOOOO Justin found outtt !! What do you think will happen !?!

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