I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


17. I love you

(Justin's P.O.V.)


Selena: I WOULD LOVEEEE TO KNOW THAT TOOO !!! Goodbye Justin . I already changed my number .

She walked away with Marvin . I can't believe i just lost someone i truly care about and love .

I soon walked to Alfredo .

Alfredo: We are gonna go to Demi's in 2 hours . So lets go home and yeah .

Justin: Ok .

Alfredo: What happened with you and Selena ? She was crying .

Justin: I lost her .

Alfredo: Oh my gosh Justin . She'll come back . She loves you .

Justin: I hope so .

Alfredo: You will trust me . I bet she is going, try telling her why you did what ever you did .

Justin: Okay . Lets just go back home and get ready .

*Demi's House*

(Justin's P.O.V.)

We got to Demi's house and I was hoping she was there .

I stand correct ! She opened the door . Her eyes looked like she was crying a lot .

Justin: Se-

Selena: I don't care what you have to say Justin ! You messed up in the pass . You messed up just 2 days ago . And i keep forgiving you Justin ! Like i'm so dumb ! I love you but you don't feel the same love that i do .

Justin: No ! Princess please ! I-

Demi yelled to us from the living room to come in . Alfredo was already inside, sitting beside Demi.

We walked in . She was ahead of me . She soon sat on the couch . I sat beside her . She then got up from the couch .

Selena: Demi, ima go upstairs . I don't feel like watching a movie .

Demi: Are you sure ?

She glanced over at me .

Selena: Yeah . I might be down later on today . I don't know . If not bye Alfredoo ! See you soon .

She turned around and walked up stairs . I need her back . She is my everything .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I walked upstairs . I couldn't be down there . I want Justin so bad . He was and still is my first love, but he keeps messing up . I need to rid of all this.

I soon got one of my blades . Demi doesn't know they are here . I gave myself 4 cuts on my left wrist . I then washed my hand off and went into Demi's bedroom . I changed into sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt . It was hot but I didn't want them to see my cuts .

I turned on the tv and put on the news . Today's story is mine and Justin's argument at the mall .

News: Jelena? Are they officially done?

I hate how they put stuff all out there . Its so annoying . I was soon interrupted from my thoughts when Justin came in .

Justin: You left your phone downstairs .

Selena: Thanks .

I grabbed my phone from his hand. And walked back to bed . I turned off the tv .

Justin: Look Selena . I love you . You don't even know-

Selena: No Jus-

Justin: No . Mine turn to talk .

I stayed quiet so he could talk .

Justin: I can't explain how much i love you Baby . You are my princess . I only made out with Alex because she told me to !

I gave him a stop-lying look .

Justin: No really ! When i went upstairs with her at the party . She told me if i walked out of the bedroom and made out with her she wouldn't hurt you . If i didn't kiss her you would have got hurt ! The last thing i want is for my princess to get hurt ! I told Scooter to fire her . She got fired . I don't want her to get in the way of us . I love you .

He cupped my face with his hands and kissed my passionately . I wanted to pull away but i miss those soft lips on mine . The butterflies in my stomach . He soon pulled away .

Justin: I love you Selena Marie Gomez . I never want to let you go.

I started tearing up .

Selena: I love you too . Never leave .

He had a huge smile on his face . He hugged my tighttt . Then kissed me .

Justin: Come on lets go downstairs baby .

Selena: okay .

I stood up and he carried me bridal style .

A/N~ Chapter 17 complete:) I'm gonna update a lot more now since I'm not on vacation!

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