I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


1. Carnival

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Selena : DEMIIII !!!! That is not far i can't even ride bumper cars !

Demi: Sucks for you then !

Demi crashed into me again ! We were at a carnival . We were waiting for Justin and Alfredo but they were taking FOREVER so we just got on the bumper cars . I understand why he is late . He is the Justin Bieber .

Demi: That was fun !

Selena: FOR YOU ! You kept on crashing into me !

Demi started laughing , i started laughing too . I soon stopped laughing when someone covered there hands over my eyes .

Person: Hey beautiful , guess who?

Selena: Mmmmmmm... An ugly idiot ? Now get your hands off my eyes .

Person: Oh okay then . Call your BOYFRIEND an ugly idiot !

I smiled really big when they said that.


I turned around and hugged him .

Justin: Hey babygirl .

Selena: What took you guys so long !?

Justin: Fans and paparazzi .

Selena: Oh.

Justin: Yeah.

Demi: SOOOOOOOOOOO ! Do you guys wanna get on the ferris wheel ? Me and Alfredo , You & Justin .

Alfredo: Fine with me ! I want my girl by my side .

He than gave Demi a kiss on the cheek .

Selena: Awwwwwwww.

Demi: Shut up!

She then started blushing . It was funny .

Justin: Okay lets gooo!

He put his arm around me and we walked to the ferris wheel . Some fans looked at me . They looked like they saw me from somewhere but were uncertain . But nobody came up to us....yet.

We got on the Ferris Wheel . Demi and Alfredo were on the one on top of us .

Justin: I love how today Scooter let me and Alfredo off so we can come here.

Selena: Me too.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek .

Justin: You barely come to rehearsals anymore! I hate it because i don't have motivation!

Selena: Justin. You know my dad! He is so protective. He only lets me go out with Demi. Plus he thinks...that umm...

Justin: Thinks what Selena?

Selena: He thinks that you are one of those guys that are just gonna be with me and then break my heart. He thinks your gonna cheat on me when you're on tour. He feels like you aren't the best for me....

Justin: Whatttttt!?!? Selena i would NEVERRR break your heart! I love you toooooo muchhh!

He then smashed his lips on mine.

Selena: I love you.

Justin: I love you tooo! I swear Selena i would never want to break your heart. And when i'm on tour? I wouldn't cheat on you . He shouldn't think that .

Selena: I know he shouldn't. He just thinks since your the 'Justin Bieber' that your a player. But i know your not and that's all that matters.

I gave him a kiss. He then smiled after i pulled away.


Justin: Watch out ! Don't look down, you're gonna falll!!

Alfredo: But you'll catch me when i fall. That's what you said in the song Fall.

Justin: You thought . I'll only catch Selena.

I started smiling and blushing, i felt like i was as red as a tomato.

Justin: Awwww baby, are you blushing?

I covered up my face with my hands.

Justin: Come on lemme see that beautiful face of yours!

I looked up. My face wasn't red anymore, luckily!

Justin: I love my view.

He gave me a kiss. I seriously loved his kisses . They made me melt. Since the first time we kissed. We have been going out for 2 years. Its going to be 3 in a week .

Selena: Can't you believe it Justin?

Justin: What? That you're incredibly beautiful? I can't believe it either .

Selena: Haha, no. It's about to be our 3 years in a week!

Justin: Its about to be 3 years ? I thought it was like 1. Time flys by so fast! But i loved the past 2 years with you.

I gave him a gentle kiss on his lips.

Justin: I think i deserve more than that !

He then cupped my face with his hands and gave me a passionate kiss. He licked my bottom lips, he was asking for entrance in my mouth. I let him in. I pulled away after a couple of seconds because i needed air.

We were on the Ferris Wheel for 5 minutes. We got off. Demi and Alfredo were waiting for us .

Selena: How did it go?

Alfredo: AMAZING !

He then rapped his arm around Demi.

Alfredo: How bout you guys?

Demi: Yeah. We saw you guys kissing. Mhmmmm!

Selena: Omg, stop Demi! And it was wonderful !

Justin: More than wonderful !

He rapped his arm around my waist. We started to walk around.

Alfredo: Wanna go on the bumper cars !?

Selena: Me and Demi kinda already got on.

Justin: When!?

Demi: While we were waiting for you guys.

Selena: Yeah and i suck. So you guys can go, i'll wait for you here.

Justin: No. You're coming. Like it or not! I ain't leaving my baby left behind!

Selena: Welllllll! Your baby doesn't know how to ride the bumper cars.

Justin: So lemme get this straight. You know how to drive real cars but not bumper cars?

Selena: Pretty much yeah!

Justin: Come on! Just go pleeeeeeeasseeee!

He gave me the puppy dog face. I couldn't resist it.

Selena: FINE. But i'm sharing a car with you.

It was more like a statement then a question.

Justin: Fine with me.

We walked over to the line. We finally got in. Alfredo and Demi were also sharing one.

Alfredo: Come and get me Bieber!

Justin: Shut upppp! Before people hear you!

Alfredo: Oops. I'll call you Justin.

Justin: That's better.

We started going . Justin bumped into Alfredo a lot of times . It was hilarious. Alfredo only bumped into him once.

Alfredo: Lets call it a tie.

Justin: Haha your funny. I totally won.

Selena: You guys are so weird.

Justin: I know. But that's why you love me.

Alfredo: And that's why you love me Demi.

Me and Demi started laughing. We then looked at each other, and she signaled for us to run away from them. We both got out of their grips and ran .

Justin and Alfredo: WHERE ARE YOU GOING !?



I turned around and they both started running our way.

Demi: We gotta run faster!

Selena: I know! We gotta hide from them !

We then turned around and they were pretty far. So we hid behind this one game station. They couldn't see us . We were both peeking out . We didn't see them . We got scared afterwards because what if they got notice and got attacked by fans.

Demi: Where did they go !?

Selena: I don't..

I was interrupted by someone picking me up from behind. I was scared for a second but those soft hands. Belonged to the one and only Justin Bieber.

Justin: Now, you don't think you can get away from us that easy. Now do you?

I looked over at Demi and she got picked up as well. We started laughing. He turned me around, so i was now facing him. I was still being carried by him.

Selena: No i don't.

He had his arms wrapped around my waist. I had my legs wrapped around his waist. He smashed his lips against mine.

Justin: I miss those soft lips of yours.

Selena: Its only been like 4 minutes.

Justin: So i still miss them!

He soon put me back down. We were holding hands walking around. Demi was on Alfredo's back. He was giving her a piggy back ride.

Selena: So Demi? Tired of walking?

We all started laughing. Everything was wonderful. But all wonderful things have to come to an end. Mostly when you and your friend are hanging out with Justin Bieber and Alfredo Flores.


Fan2: ALFREDO!!!!


You just see tons of girls running toward us. Alfredo put Demi down from his back & we all ran! Me and Demi got in her car. Justin got in his car with Alfredo. We got out of the carnival. We were headed to her house, until i got a text from Justin.

New Text Message From 'Baby:*'

'You and Demi should spend the night. We both need our cuddle buddies.'

I replied with an 'Ok:*'

Selena: Demi go to Justin's house, he wants us to spend the night. Alfredo is gonna be thereeeee.

Demi: Selena be quiet!

Selena: Nopeeee.

We started laughing. We soon got to Justin's house.

*Ding Dong*

Justin: Hey baby!

He kissed me on the cheek.

Alfredo: Demiiii ! Missed you!

Demi: Its only been 15 minutes dummy!

Alfredo: Stilll ! 15 minutes without you in my arms!? It feels like a lifetime! And where's my kiss!?

He puckered his lips waiting for Demi to give him a kiss. Since he had his eyes close, Demi got a stuffed animal and smashed it against Alfredo's lips. Alfredo was making out with it.

Demi: Baby? What are you doing?

He then opened his eyes and his eyes grew biggggg! We all started laughing sooooo hard !

Alfredo: Yeah, yeah. Know i want a real kiss from my babbyyyy!

Demi: Fine.

Alfredo got what he wanted.

A/N~ I'M RESTARTING THIS FANFICTION!!!!!!! I really did like this one!! You'll get all your chapters back! I MIGHT switch things around but it's like a 25% chance lol.

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