Beautiful nightmare

If your past came back to haunt you, would you choose to stay and fight or flee for your own good?


4. In the shadows

"you know i think he has a thing for you" Joyce was saying as she was eating yet more food; i'm surprised she stays this skinny, not in a bad way but she eats way more than me. 


"what are you on about" I was trying too listen to the movie more than her at the moment.


"Nathan, he always seems to be looking at you. I do pay attention to what goes on if you haven't noticed" She was right. I had noticed Nathan had been looking at me more than usual but what would he want with a person like me?


The wind outside was howeling against the windows, demanding to be let in. Honestly, i dunno if that fragile glass was gonna hold, it wouldn't be the first time they've been shattered; we've had to replace them 6times in the last 4years. Lets just hope that they dont; at least not tonight.


"Right this seems like a good part, so shut up"


"Thats what i've been trying too do like all this time" I sighed as Joyce told me to shut up again.


The blond girl was led into a forest, running after her boyfriend as if he were the light too some trace of hope, she hasn't even known him that long, trust is a strange thing.


"Come on, we have too get out of here, you known how dangerous these woods are right?" Her voice was so sweet and innocent it was just sad, how easy they make it on who's gonna be murded, i thought it was supposed to challenege my mind. This is why i prefer the classic horror movies, ones which make you think about the plot.


"You're not scared are you" his voice was taunting, minipulating her mind, right down too her bare soul, stripping it of any dobut she had about him, strange.


"No it's just, you know about the woodsman right, how he murders anyone who comes near" fright lapping over her words, twisting them into fear.


The windows had shadows creeping up on any remainders of light, drawing them into the darkness, tearing away any light. And pale eyes, glaring through right at me? I shake this thought from my head quickly and continue watching.


"Dont be afraid, i'm here..." his voice was low as if it were allowing someone elses past to enter, to consume the girls mind and change her weak minded thoughts.


Cold breath against my neck, sending shivers clawring at my spine, steady and slow. Do not turn around, nothing is there, my mind kept reapeating this over and over making me want too believe it.


"Dont turn around, theres no need" he was smiling as if he's just won what he'd been searching for his whole life. The moonlight reflected off of the silver blade as it slipped into her throat. Staggering backwards she fell, eyes still open, a blooded tear falling down her pale cheek. Crinsom red blood flowing from her neck, soaking the ground beneath her. The blade drops, dripping with her life, once filled with joy, happiness, now nothing more.


Hands around my throat, screams from Joyce, blood on the ground, glass cutting through everything, seeing those eyes, pale eyes, dark eyes, many ways to describe those eyes, i never would have imagined Nathan as my saviour, let alone my killer...





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