Beautiful nightmare

If your past came back to haunt you, would you choose to stay and fight or flee for your own good?


1. The return; prolouge

A cool breeze touched my frozen cheeks making me wonder if I should turn back whilst I still could. I hadn't been out this late since the day my farther died; a regret still haunting my dreams. The trees swaying side by side showing me how lonely I truly was. Nights like these are what have me frightened to turn around because someone could slip a blade through my throat at any second. Drip, drip,drip, the sound of the leftover rain slipping from rooftops bringing back tormenting memories which still claw at my soul. The wind bites my pale skin as I turn around to see what I've feared most. 


My emerald eyes lay upon the shadowed figure gazing upon me. Nathan. My mind screams at me to run away as it throws at me all of those times he made my life hell, destroyed it in the palm of his hands as if it were nothing, but my heart chose to ignore it. "Anna", he whispers my name in his rough voice I once used to love to hear each and every day,now it had become nothing more than a shallow pit of despair I dwell upon. He grabs my hand and entwines his fingers with mine. What his touch does to me is unbearable, he strips me of any doubt  could ever have about him as a jolt of electricity flows through me arm right to my gaping heart longing for him to yet again. How can he do this to me, make me believe he has done nothing but good towards my darkened world, this is what scares me the most.

"what are you doing here" I manage to spit out. 

"I came back for you" why do his lips look so tempting to meet mine?

I balance on the edge of my toes, reaching up to meet his mouth as he looks at me, confused, but does not push me away. As our lips meet, something deep inside of me rushes with fear and longing, pushing aside all regret I earlier.


It isn't until I finally open my eyes that the realisation of what I've just done slams into my face. 

"I-I-I-" I stammer for the right words to say; what is there to say!

"Anna please just listen"

"Just keep away from me!" I turn and I run into the night, hoping to never look back...   



okay so this is my first time showing other people what i write so if you want

me too continue tell me as i really wanna see what people have too say about it, thanks:) 












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