A fat panda wanders out in the mysterious realm that is on the verge of a great clash between noble and malevolent creations. The Zebuba Trolls are up to mischief and preparing to conquer the world and with no information of the survival or fall of Tigiristan, the Insaan is the ultimate hope of being capable to preserve peace and defeat the menace of the Zebuba Trolls. Though, within their own stronghold dirty policymaking appear to obstruct a united front against their opponent. Could bad politics, personal interests and the disunity of the five families mean defeat…


2. The Town Of The Four Gates

Our town was not the largest of the four neighboring towns but we had something the others did not – kinship and a close relationship. We would all gather during celebrations and other occasions and lend a hand to each other and breathe like a big family.

The main path went all the way through town from north to south crossing town center which was were the blessed place, our temple and our worshipping place could be found. Once a week we would all gather there, closing our shops and leaving whatever we had to do just to be there from around the lunchtime where the sun is highest till the shadow passed midday.

Our leader Whu Sai Ni would preach from the divine scriptures and talk about different subjects.

Our town was the most sacred of them all as four gates to heaven was always open here. Even though I tried to locate them I never did. I remember once asking my father about them and he answered: “When you discover one let me know” being sarcastic.

After the lecture from our leader we then would pray and get back to whatever we had to do.

The northern gate would lead to the mountains and no one was ever permitted to go that way and the safeguards would munch you alive if you had the courage to show yourself close to the northern gate.

The southern gate however was heavy trafficked as we would get all our provisions through this path. Most of the shops would also be here and Tsumi Kara Kaiho the mother of Shizuka opened a kite shop not more than a year ago and everyone would purchase kites from her and she influenced our town a great deal so that we would have a kite running day every year.

Down town behind the temple we had our school with grandmaster Emin.

Right next to the temple was the best tasting restaurant, but hey, don’t say it to my father.

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