A fat panda wanders out in the mysterious realm that is on the verge of a great clash between noble and malevolent creations. The Zebuba Trolls are up to mischief and preparing to conquer the world and with no information of the survival or fall of Tigiristan, the Insaan is the ultimate hope of being capable to preserve peace and defeat the menace of the Zebuba Trolls. Though, within their own stronghold dirty policymaking appear to obstruct a united front against their opponent. Could bad politics, personal interests and the disunity of the five families mean defeat…


13. Leaders of the Darbaar and the Politics

“Its always something that we are in this together. We are facing a minor threat but if left unhandled could worsen. I just got the latest information from our watchmen around the Thar Zane jungle that Tigiristan has been demolished and burned by these savage trolls. If we don’t take action know we could face an attack soon”, one of the leaders of the Darbaar said. Ryo heard the sad news and somewhat hoped that his friends would be ok somehow but the news didn’t sound too good. The Darbar council consisted of a leader from each family, Aly Abideen, Kian Choppan, Faraji Nigari, Devna Tanbar, Khanzar Karkurud, Liam Mcateer, Soren Brumleby and the leader of the council Abed. The leader watched over the council so that they wouldn’t make any wrong decisions but didn’t interfere unless needed to. After discussions end they would all vote and accept the end result. But this time they all knew something was wrong. “I am angry, why donna fight and remove this pest already, I say we sharpen our sords!” Liam yelled out in the council only to be met with a similar angry voice by Khanzar: “You rreally want us to fight something that might be out therre orr not? I rrather stay home herre!” “Listen, we know that something is going on, what we don’t know is how and what has caused this. I suggest we take precautions and start mobilizing and sending out a couple of scouts. Should we vote?” Aly somehow found a middle way between sending armies and staying home. The all voted for this suggestion and later that evening a couple of scouts were sent out. Ryo noticed that after the council The Tanbars, Karukuruds and some Mcateers along with a couple of Nigaris went to a meeting with the Karkuruds. Shuhrayr witnessing this went to Aly and told him about the meeting. “I just hope they don’t fall for their tricks. We need to arrange a meeting tonight!” Aly said. Later that night Aly, Liam, Soren, Kian and Faraji sat around the dinner table. There were big pieces of meat, rise, fish, turkey, kmel, different types of salads and drinks made of rose, aloe and liquorices and barley brew which wasn’t intoxicating at all. “I wanna start by seyin I do not like the oers and have never lik´d em, and they sure be planin and plottin sumthing now. I say we dress for preparation if it occurs well be ready blades,” Soren said. “I certainly disagree, war, do you really want a war? Everything is happening far up north, were safe until we hear something terrible from Donlon,” Liam took a sip from his brew. “It looks like they have washed yer ears Liam, You sound like them right now,” Soren puffed to Liam. “Easy now fellas, we need to sort this out. We would prepare as we agreed in the Darbaar and if some of us wants to prepare more they are free to do it. And if you don’t want to prepare then you don’t,” Aly said. Kian whispered something in Sorens ears as Soren smiled and nodded. The meeting was over as they stood to go theirs Soren looked at Liam and said:” So you have gone soft over the years? You probably dun´t evan eat that much and ya look skinny too. Dint want to tell you, but you better fatten up if war is coming.” Looking at Kian and blinking. Liam was angry and had his fist looking like an iron hammer and was walking towards Soren. The others stepped in and stopped him before something bad went down that night. The last thing they wanted was a bigger internal conflict. Before going to bed Ryo had a talk with Shuhrayr. “The last thing we want is to fall into the trap of those ignorants and hypocrites. They always wait to prey on the less intelligent and I wish the Mcateers had a leader that was wise and intelligent just as Soren. I fear the Mcateers would fall for the evil plots of the Karkuruds and Tanbars,” Shuhrayr told Ryo. “I thought you all were good. How are they hypocrites? Isn’t it bit harsh to say it like that? And how come they still are here if they are hypocrites?” Ryo asked. “See we can’t say it in public as we would look like the bad guy, but their deeds are hypocritical. They always sabotage our plans. Last time we had the biggest internal conflict because of their work to take over the leadership and rule Amol. They even paid people to ruin things around the city so that much time and energy was used rebuilding and fixing things. This made people want another leader and as the Karkurud and Tanbars volunteerly paid for all the money they suddenly found themselves in the best position to lead the city and if that happened we sure know where we would be today,” as he started changing his clothes. “I see,” Said Ryo. “The reason they still are here is because if they were somewhere else they would have made so much more mischief. You see they even have their own Scholars preaching against belief and politics. They want it to be separate. Their scholars hence do not accept our system and only focus on personal issues and that’s why it is better for us and them to be closer to us,” Shuhrayr finished. Shuhrayr stood up towards the balcony getting ready to pray his midnight prayers as Ryo watched him and fell asleep.
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