One thing <3 x

When best friends Simone and weronika get a surprise about getting tickets to see one direction , two boys from the band instantly fall in love with them...


1. Chapter 1

Weronika's POV

I was at my best friends Simone's (simmys) house and we just had our tea , we went upstairs to her room to chill for a bit and talk about our MOST FAVOURITE BOY BAND IN THE WORLD .... ONE DIRECTION. Oh my gosh , we loved them !! It was mine and Simmy's dream to go to one of their concerts and a meet and greet , we were ALWAYS on about them , Simmy's favourite is Zayn and mine is Louis !! "Is your dad coming in a min?" Simmy said as we were talking "yeah in about 20 minutes" I replied , "okay" she said . We kept looking at pictures of fans who went to the meet and greet but then the doorbell rang , "probably your dad roni" "yep!" Me and Simmy went downstairs to answer the door and it was my dad picking me up from simmys .

Simone's POV

I opened the door and it was Roni's dad "hi!" I said "hello sim!" He replied, my mum (Claire)came to say hello to Roni's dad "hey how's it going Chris (Roni's dad)?" My mum said " hey Claire!" "So what have you girls been up to then?" Chris asked "nothing much just looking and talking about one direction !!!!" Me and roni said at the same time. "No surprise at all then!" My mum replied "me and sim really want to go to their concert and meet and greet !!" Roni said "YEAH it's like our dream!!" I said Me and roni were on about them and how much we loved them for about 5 minutes. Then my mum and Roni's dad were Talking about the tickets, how much they were and all sorts "so how much are the front row Chris?" My mum asked "hmm about £450" Chris replied and they went on about the prices for 5 minutes. Mine and Roni's faces were SHOCKED! "Why do they keep talking about it ?!" I asked roni while our parents still talked " I have no idea sim but I like it!!!!"

Claire's and Chris's POV

The girls don't know it but we are actually going to get them in the living room in a min and give them the tickets that we got for them for the concert and meet and greet for one direction . Me and Chris planned this all along ! Can't wait to see the girls faces when they open the envelopes !! Gonna film it and put it on Facebook !!!

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