The Donation

One day Ally Moore was watching the British show Surprise Surprise when a little boy nearly dies because of only one kidney , only a man donated his. Ally is determined to donate hers so she does but when it turns out that she donated her kidney to a certain boy out of a famous boy band , her world is turned up side down, she falls in love and life is never the same . Find out what happens in The Donation ................


2. [1] The Decision

Chapter 1 - The Decision


I was sitting on the chair , sobbing my eyes out,

"It's okay Ally, he didn't die , did he? The man gave him his kidney" my best friend, Jessie, comforted me as I cried over the show Surprise Surprise. A British show that gives surprises to people who for instance can't walk any more or who does lots of charity work.

" I know but it's so sad that video they showed of the little boy nearly dying because he only h-had one kidney" I tried to get out as I cried into Jessie's shoulder.

"Do you know what ? I'm not going to just sit here and cry about it, I going to do something about it!" I said standing up wiping my eyes.

"Exactly what are you going to do about it?" Jessie asked putting her long long strawberry blonde locks behind her ear.

"When I turn eighteen I'm going to donate my kidney and save a live, like that man just did " I said confidently.

"Ok?" Jessie said , well it was more like a question .

"Alright , enough on the sad topic , let's talk about something else or watch something? Oh my god X-factor Final is on now let's go!!!!" She screamed pulling back to the couch, picking up the remote and turning it on. The familiar face of Dermot O'Leary popped up, the presenter of The X-Factor .

"Welcome to the 2010 Final of the X-Factor , before any of the contestants come on here are the wonderful Judges!" Dermot boomed pointing to the two giant double doors on stage that opened revealing the four judges. Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue stood there looking great as always .

"Right , now we'll bring out our last of the contestants " Dermot said pointing to the double doors for a second time. The last of the contestants walked out ,

"Rebecca Fergason" Dermot pointed to her,

"Matt Cardle" the crowd cheered but not very loudly.

"One Direction!"


Jessie screamed so did everybody in the crowd . You see One Direction were a boy band made up of 5 boys , Louis Tomlinson , Zayn Malik , Liam Payne , Niall Horan and Harry Styles and were absolutely amazing! We watched the rest of the X-Factor in silence until it was One Direction's shot to perform .

"What are you girls screaming about ?" My mum asked walking into my living room.

"Mum , please, be quiet One Direction are on the telly!!" I moaned.

"Yeah, please Michelle , please please please , our favourite band ever is on the telly !!!!" Jessie joined in.

"I am , I am !" My mum surrendered sitting down beside us.

Their beautiful faces came on the telly,

"Whoo!"I screamed , they sang a song called "Torn" , which they sang at the Judges house. They finished the song and I smiled, they really were amazing.

"Which one is your favourite?" My mum asked both of us .

"Well I like .......emmm...... Harry ..... I guess or Liam , I don't really know......" Jessie trailed off.

"Well I like Niall !" I smiled.

"Ooohhhhh someone has a wittle crush on a certain sexy Irish leprechaun?" Jessie and my mum cooed.

"Maybe......" I said laughing. It was finally the time when they called out the winners on the X-Factor.

"The person in third place is..........." Dermot trailed off waiting to be told in his little earpiece,"One Direction".

"WHATTTTT!!!????!!!!!" Me and Jessie exploded at the same time , "THEY SHOULD OF WON THERE BETTER THAN THAT REBECCA FERGASON OR MATTT CARDLE!!!!!" (No offence to Rebecca or Matt it's just for the story)

I didn't even want to watch it now , the boys were off it!

"Let's go up stairs we have school tomorrow and it's late and I have that 4 hour training session in dancing and all and it's Monday tomorrow so it'll be harder to wake up" I said to Jessie, as she was staying in my house tonight. You see I'm in a stage school in London, I've been going to it since I'm eleven, now I'm sixteen , I've been in that school for five years now. They call me a triple threat because I sing, dance and do gymnastics. 'God I'm tired' I thought as I walked up the stairs. I don't know how I was supposed to do a four hour rehearsal.We got to my bedroom and I opened the door, I just wanted to go to sleep. Me and Jessie hopped into my double bed , me on one side , Jessie on the other,

"Night Jessie " I whispered into the darkness.

"Night Ally" she whispered it back. But just before the darkness of sleep took over me , I thought , 'In some years to be , the day I decided to give my kidney away might be the best choice of my life'.


I have nothing to say only that I love whoever reads this!!!!

Lots of Love

-Lauren xxx

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