I'm that one girl that gets noticed by know one at school, the girl that sits in the back of class doodling little sketches on her note book and just praying not to get called on by the teacher. I have long blond hair and blue eyes, i have two best friends. Tyler he may be gay but he's just so cute and funny how could you not love him!? Then there's Jessica long curly brown hair with bright blue eyes like me, she also has the cutest dimples! Too bad I'm gonna have to move from Minnesota all the way to London..i just wish i knew how to tell them.


1. The Minnesota life

                                                                  Angels Pov:

 have one week until i move to London, i am really gonna miss this place. London is never gonna compare to Minnesota, sure there's lots of cool things in London but Minnesota is were all of my family and friends are. I just wish it was easy to tell Jessica and Tyler, im gonna really miss them and them helping me threw any tough times i ever went threw. So many memories iv had with them and know one is ever going to compare to them.


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