Young love

this is a story about a girl who follows her dreams. and sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.


1. Just the start

      It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon, i was listening to the radio and the station said that they was giving away two free one direction tickets to the sixth caller. So i called and i won. The concert was that Saturday. I picked my friend Jayda to come with me . She loves harry. Louis is my favorite. Friday we went shopping for an outfit to were to the concert. She got black jeans, tan boots , and a nice jacket. I got a red shirt with a blue scarf , flats , and light blue jeans. 


     The next morning we woke up at 6:30 to start getting ready. When we got there they was signing autographs. Louis gave me a hug and signed my CD. Jayda said hi to Harry and when he looked up at her all he could do was smile. He then said '' hi beautiful''. We had to walk away because we started crying. They started the concert by singing best song ever. Towards the end of the concert Louis and Harry walked in front to the of the stage. Louis said " i met this girl today, she was perfect, she was about 5 foot 1 and brown hair. If you hear me please come see me again i didn't get your name''. Harry then said " i met a girl today too. i would really like to see you again''. Me and Jayda just looked at each other and smiled. 


      After the concert we went backstage. I knocked on the door and Harry opened it. He said '' hey its you girls that we met earlier today, come on in''. When we got in to there dressing room Louis was sitting on the couch eating carrots. I tapped him on his shoulder and when he looked up at when he looked up i said hi. He jumped up and said " hey,I am so happy to see you again'' he said.  I looked over to see Harry showing Jayda around . Me and Louis sat on the couch with Liam and Niall. We was talking for a while then Jayda and Harry came over to sit down. 


   We was all having a blast then Louis looked over at me with a big smile on his face. He asked me if i had a boyfriend, i then said no, oh he said. He grabbed my hand and wrote his number on my wrist. Liam then jumped up and said '' i am going to get a drink does anyone else want one?''     At that moment my mom called me. Are you ready, i am outside waiting ?she asked. I then said " i guess........."




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