Everything was fine for Robin Bruin. One day her parents went to work and she and her sister went to school. Robin and her sister came home, and her parents did not.


2. The Visit

The first night of my being an orphan was spent crying on the floor, the same place I'd fallen when I had gotten the call. All night long, Livi was asking what's wrong but every time I tried to tell her, I'd start all over again. 

Around 4 AM, my yelling got so loud a group of my neighbors showed up, including my best friend Liz. I was on the floor, Livi trying to soothe me when they all came. They all tried to get me to speak but the thought of being pittied was too much to bear. 

"Robin Bruin, shut up and stop acting like a baby!" yelled Nick, the obnoxious boy who lived the street. He had oak brown hair with matching eyes. He had a slim nose that I'd been making fun of since I knew him. I would do it again, but I clearly wasn't in the mood. 

"Leave my alone, Nick" I called back, crumbling back to my small ball on the floor. 

"What's all this crying about anyway?" he asked. I didn't want to tell him, but I knew someone would tell them soon and they'd tell Livi and I wanted her to find out from me.

"Where are your parents anyway?" asked Liz. That sent me back to my state. My parents were dead, I wanted to yell but I couldn't. That would be rude. 

"I've been wondering the same" whispered Livi. She looked at me, and I sat up, and took both her hands in mine. I stared at the dark brown eyes that looked so much like our father's and I said 

"Mom and Dad are dead"

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