Everything was fine for Robin Bruin. One day her parents went to work and she and her sister went to school. Robin and her sister came home, and her parents did not.


1. That day

It's hard to forget the day your whole life turned upside down. My sister, Livi, and I kissed our mom goodbye and got in the car with our dad. I remember he would always put on a CD of his favorite songs when he was about my age, which was in the 80's. Livi would always make him drip us off a block away from school, since she said "she had a status to keep up". He's chuckle at us, but he'd never say no. We'd give him a kiss too and would run to school seconds before the bell would ring. It went on like that every day, until the day everything went wrong. When we got home, we'd at least have an hour home alone. Livi and I would do our homework than wait for mom and dad. 

The day was March 8th, 2008. We'd waited until around 9:00 at night, and when the phone rang I jumped to it, expecting to hear the gentle voice of my mother telling me she's just running late but instead I heard the rough voice of a peremedic. 

"Mom, where are-" I began my rant but was interrupted. 

"Hello, are you Livi Bruin?" said the rough voice. It seemed like it was trying to be gentle but it just didn't know how. 

"No, I'm Robin" before he said it I knew something bad was going to happen. First he asked me a lot of questions about my relatives, but I refused to answer questions to a complete stranger. 

"Why are you calling?" I finally asked when I had had enough. It seemed like the guy was stalling me, and I wasn't one to be patient.

"You should sit down" he said. Now I was annoyed. This guy had just wasted 45 minutes of my time and now he was ordering my around.

"Cut to the chase mister!" I yelled. He took a deep breath, then said it.

"Your parents are dead". It felt like slow motion. My collapsed to the ground, hoping this was a bad dream that I'd wake up to my mom or dad shaking me awake with a warm glass of milk in their hand for me but that would never happen again. My parents were dead. 

I remember throwing the phone, yelling, screaming all while tears were streaming down my face. The worst part was my kid sister was watching the whole time.





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