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This is a bad ass story .


1. ch.1

Nicole's pov-

It's now 2:00 am and I can't seem to go to bed hmm well fuck it looks like I'm not going to bed .

I decide that I would just go down stairs and watch a movie since my mom isn't home . I picked out a movie and after that I got some food and just watched the movie & eat .

Justin's pov-

I was just about to go to bed when my phone ringed it was Mia

Me- what

Mia- babe I'm horny

Me - it's fucking 2:25 in the morning what do you want me to do about it .

Mia - come over ! Babe I will make it worth your time .

Justin- alright .

End of pov.

Mia's pov-

I was just waiting for Justy ( Justin) to come over while I was doing that I was going throw Nicole's twitter .

EW ! She is such a slut I hate her I thought to myself , that's when the door bell ringed .

End of pov .

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