Quotes & Poems

These are just a few quotes that I like, lyrics and poetry. Hope u like them too


1. Have You Ever

Have You Ever

Have you ever lived my life?

Spent one minute in my shoe?

If you haven't then tell me why

You judge me as you do.

Have you ever woken up in the morning

Wondering if this is your last day on Earth?

Have you ever left your house

Unsure if you'd return?

Have you ever seen your friend get shot

Outside his favorite store?

Have you ever seen a friend die

From drugs he'd never used before?

Have you ever seen your mom get beat up

By your step dad messed up on booze?

Have you ever had an unwanted pregnancy

Forcing you up choose?

Have you ever sat beneath the stars

Hoping god will hear?

Have u ever seen ur friend drive away

After way too many beers?

Have u ever seen a friend

Experiment with weed?

Have u ever covered up guilt

By doing a good deed?

Have u ever considered suicide

As the only way?

Have u ever tried to hide yourself

Behind the things u say?

Have u ever wanted to protect

Your friend and everyone in sight?

Have u ever felt such pain

That u cried yourself to sleep?

Have u ever lived my life,

Spent one minute in my shoes?

If you haven't, them tell me why

U judge me as u do.

- Tiffany Blevins

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