Laura is a girl from Miami, Florida. People doesn't like her, because she's different. Her life is full of up's and down's. How will she fight, what ever comes into her life? Which decisions will she make? Is she willing, to give up her family for those changes? And with all these changes, will she be happy in the end?


1. Well, hello... I'm Laura.

I'm Laura. Laura Marie Adams. At the moment I'm 17, 8 months and... Uhm... 15 days. To be correct. I'm from Miami, Florida.

People don't like me. I don't know why, they just don't. Well I have piercings and tattoos. But it's nothing big and huge, like, 'look at me I'm emo and goth'. No, I have an unfilled heart tattoo on my right little finger. And some small ones on my left wrist. Which is my "sign" which is Libra ('♎'), a lock, a filled heart, a music note, a semicolon ( ; ) and a small butterfly. Oh yeah, and then I have one my back... It's kinda huge. It's a tree; first there's like leafs on it and then it's turns out to be branchs and then the branches turns into birds. It's so beautiful and I love it to deaf! I also have my nose piercing. It's so pretty! It's a silver ring. I'd say it's kinda normal, cause I seen tons of people have them! - most likely on tumblr or Instagram, but still.

My mom will do almost everything to make me happy. That's why I've got so many tattoos. She agree with me to get them. 

But yeah, that was just a comment to the side, I don't have any friends. Or... There's is my sister. But she's lives on the other side of the world. She lives in London, UK. Over 50.000 miles away. She's my only friend.

At the moment, I'm in my senior year. - just to your information.

I don't have any big ambitions about my life. Don't know what I want to do with my life. I think nothing.

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