The World in Me

poems of thoughts and feelings.


1. Seeking


                                     A sakura petal fell on my cheek.                            

Not noticing it, I stood, pondering:       

Pondering about life. What do I seek?       

Near me children ran and started to sing.       

They sung of their youth and sung of their dreams.       

I stood as the children left me behind.       

                             The path was not so clear, or so it seems.                    

What was it that I was trying to find?

A force pushed me towards that not so clear path.

             A sea of blackness threatened to block my view.            

            I fought hard to stay away from its wrath.            

                 Then, I saw, nearby, fell a drop of dew.           

Then, all the realization came to me.

‘Ah, I was seeking for a part of me.’

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