Treated With Respect

Includes revenge, love, hate, mystery, upset, heartache, sexual content and more.
When a girls heart gets crushed but only to be treated with respect by Justin Bieber is what wins her heart for him. Drama is attached to the story.


4. Party Pooper


Alysia Bryan

This place was like a mansion. It was a massive party, people in every room. The smell of smoke and alcohol was what crowded the rooms. I watched as people started to grind and laugh with each other. I sat in the corner sipping on my mixed cocktail. Beth had fucked of with some guy on the dance floor, leaving me alone, as always. 

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder, i turned to seeing the popular dog, Cassy, who was court sucking faces with the top jerk the other night. "What do you want cassy?" I hissed loud enough over the music. She smirked whiles quickly checking some dude out as he walked by. "Stay away from Justin, alysia! You know he would never get with a girl like you!" She hissed back, spit flying everywhere. "Ever heard of hygiene or personal space cassy?" I spat back, making her do the same screwed up face i gave her. "Whats that supposed to mean, bitch?" She growl angrily. "Its called back off!" I scowled at her as i pushed her shoulders, making her take steps back from me. She stamped her foot before turning and leaving. 

I sighed pinching the bridge of my nose. "Is everything okay?" A voice loud enough beside me asked. "Cassy! I told you to go-" I began to say before realizing it wasn't cassy but it was Justin. I smiled lightly before taking another sip of my drink. "I asked if everything was okay alysia?" He shouted, coming closer to my ear so i could hear him. His hot minty&alcohol breath hit my neck. I tensed slightly before responding. "I'm okay Justin, thank you" I reassured him.

I didn't want anybody knowing my business and especially when it was about Justin. I really didn't want anyone talking to me right now, i wanted to be alone and be able to drown my self in thoughts but there was ALWAYS someone by my side asking question. It was starting to do my head in.

"Are you sure?" He asked again. I pinched the bridge of my nose to try and calm down. "Yes Justin, i'm fine!" I growled this time, placing my drink beside him and walking of, leaving his stunned. I guess that was pretty harsh of me, but can't people take a hint when i dont want to talk to them about something? Because that's how it's starting to make me feel.

I pushed through the crowd, going out beside the pool and sitting on a decking chair. The air was exactly what i needed. It was to claustrophobic inside and the loud music was started to make my head pound. I closed my eyes, inhaling and exhaling.

I should really go back inside and apologize to Justin. It's not like me to explode like that. "Alysia? What are you doing out here? Justin's just told me you exploded on him a minute ago" I sighed, opening my eye a crack. "I need to speak to him. Can you tell him to come see me please" I begged before leaning back into the decking chair. She nodded "Sure". I thanked her and waited till she disappeared.


Justin Bieber


I saw Bethany reappear in the crowed and she was walking towards me. "Go see her Justin. Shes outside" she shouted over the music."I think its bes-" I began before getting cut off. "She asked me to tell you she wants to talk to you" Bethany said before giving me a reassuring smile. "Okay, thank you" she nodded and scattered of into the crowed. I slipped through the crowed, getting some filthy and flirty looks from people but my focus was Alysia right now.

I walked out seeing she was the only one out her. It was cold and i could see her body slightly shaking. I walked over to her slowly, taking my jacket of and lying it on top of her. She turned in shock, seeing me and sighed. I smiled lightly, pulling a chair beside her as she sat up, snuggling into my jacket.

"I'm sorry i exploded on you like that earlier. It was wrong of me and i wanted to apol-" She began before i cut her off. "I saw what happened between you and cassy and i know it was none of my business so its my fau-" I began before she cut me up this time. "Justin! Please just listen!" She begged, i looked into her eyes seeing guilt and sadness. 

"I'm the one that should be apologizing. You was looking out for me and it was wrong of me to burst on you like that. Thank you.....For caring" She said before whispering the last bit. She bit her lip, indicating she was nervous. Iv noticed she does that a lot but i shrug it off. "Your welcome baby girl" I whispered back before reaching to hold her hand. Her cheeks flushed red and she smiled brightly at me. 

We sat there in silence, admiring the stars in the sky as i held onto her hand. It was warm and inviting. "Iv never had someone that hardly knows me, care for me like you do" She whispered, breaking the silence. I turn to look at her but her eyes are scattered up towards the stars still. I smile with happiness. My heart fluttering weak slightly. "Everyone deserves a chance" I whispered back before staring at the brightest star in the sky.

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