Never Let Go

"It's not getting better."
"Just Never Let Go."
Micah Kate has had a rough time. Diagnose with the life-threatening disease, Cancer. Only it's never better. It only gets worse. Her best friend, Ashleigh, will not believe she could ever be lost to her. So she always tells Micah the same thing.
'Never let go.'

(I would LOVE constructive criticism!)


1. Promise

"Promise me something." Micah remained quiet, her eyes watering. "Micah Leigh Kate! You better promise me something!" I pleaded, tears welling up in my eyes. She slowly nodded her head, which gave me a sigh of relief. "Good. Promise me you'll never let go." I quietly said. She gave me a weak smile.

"I promise, Ashleigh." She said, her voice weak. I let a smile of contentment crawl upon my face. She wasn't going to quit. She wasn't going to give up. I knew she would make it through. She had to. I had no doubt in the world about it.

That was the day I lost my best friend. 

That was the day Micah Kate quit on me.

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