Camilia and Kaitlyn

Camilia is that girl. The one who is friends with all the nerds. She's the one who is captain of every science olympiad, quiz teams, and math teams, the ultimate nerd, geek, dork, and hardcore gamer. And you would NEVER guess her best friend... Her twin sister Kaitlyn... Now Kaitlyn is a completely different story. She's the one everyone wants to be friends with, the Gorgeous popular one, that has every guy falling to her feet..... There will be drama. There will be hearts broken. Find out more in Camilia and Kaitlyn. (The amazing cover is by @MahoganyPumpkin!)


1. Camilia

   I walked up to Kaitlyn's car. I was about to open the passenger's side door when my brother, Austin, pushed me away.

   "Shotgun!" He cried as he hopped over the side of her Chevy Convirtible. I rolled my eyes and got in the seat behind him. I know what your thinking. Why does my twin sister have a car and I don't? Well...

   Her boyfriend's father is basically made of money! Ever since he invented Poptarts. For her (or should I say our?) birthday he got her a car. All I got was a $50 savings bond in which I can extract in 7 years. Yippee...

   My brother is in 8th grade. he acts like he owns the Universe and everything in it. I have two other siblings besides Austin and Kaitlyn.

   My youngest sibling is just a 7 month old baby girl. Her name is Briella Rose. She is just too adorable!!!!

  My other sibling is in second grade. His name is Stewert. He is still into the superhero, ninja, star wars stage. He also REALLY LOVES coustumes. That is all he wears, coustumes. It's kind of weird seeing Darth Vader running through our house, eating Uncrustables and pantless.

   My thoughts were inturuped as Kaitlyn got in the car. Her pink ribbons dangling from her Barbie-high ponytail. "Who's ready to go to school?" she groaned as she sat down in her sparkly head cheerleader uniform. She was the girl every guy wanted, most popular girl in the entire school. She was a classic "Popular girl" with only one fatal flaw. Her best friend was her nerdy twin sister AKA Me.

    The nerd part of me is screaming right now, First day of school. Best. Day. EVER!

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