Disconnected *5 Seconds of Summer*

What will happen when the four boys from 5 Seconds of Summer take a challenge that restricts them from having any devices for one month? They stay all together in a beach house in Miami, Florida with no distractions except for each other. Will they fight? Will one break and leave? What will happen when 5 Seconds of Summer is Disconnected?


1. Chapter 1

~Luke's POV~

"What? No! I can't leave my phone!" Michael says and holds his phone to his chest.

"Sorry but you have to. You'll prove to your fans that you don't always need to be connected and online constantly. This will also be very good for you guys to be away from your phones for a while," Adam, our manager tells us.

"But-" I start but Adam interrupts me.

"No buts. Hand them over," he says and stares us down. After a few moments he scolds us. "Now." We reluctantly hand over our phones.

After we give him our phones, he leads us out to a car that will take us to our cabin.

"When are we filming the goodbye video?" Calum asks. I really want to say goodbye to Cammy. Our girlfriends know about this, but we really would like to say a goodbye to them because the next month we won't have our phones or any way to get on social media.

"When we get to the house. Don't worry, we'll let you call your girlfriends and family when we get there," Adam says. I breathe a sigh of relief to his statement.

*After Car Ride*

Once we arrive we see that it is a private house on the beach. It is actually a really beautiful house. It's 3 levels high with a clean light blue paint job.

We all get out of the car and walk up to the beach house.

"DIBS ON THE BIGGEST ROOM!" Ashton yells and runs up the stairs and tries to find the biggest room before us.

"Not fair, Ash!" I whine and continue searching. I find the next set of stairs hiding behind a secret door. I walk up there and it is supplied with instruments and a full equipped recording studio. It's actually pretty cool.

"This is awesome!" Cal says with the boys following behind him. I guess they found the staircase also.

"Luke we already picked rooms. You get the smallest room," Michael tells me.

"Oh, thanks guys. Love you too," I joke and walk downstairs and find the smallest room. Yes, my room is small, but I get a balcony and a bathroom. My balcony has a beautiful view, though. I'm not too bothered by my room.

"Boys!" Adam calls for us. We go back down to the main floor and see him there with our phones. "You each have 30 minutes to speak with your families and girlfriends," he states and we all run to our rooms.

First, I call my family and tell them I'll miss them. After 10 minutes, I end the phone call and call Cammy.

(L- Luke, C- Cammy)

C- Hello?

L- Hey beautiful.

C- Aww, thanks cutie.

L- Anything for the one I love.

C- I love you too, babe.

L- So today is the day we're moving in and getting disconnected for a month.

C- Don't remind me.

L- I know. I'm going to miss you.

C- I'm going to miss you too.

L- It'll go by fast, I promise. Maybe I can get a good love song written about how much I miss you.

C- Aww, you're so adorable. I'm going to miss your cuteness.

L- You could always watch the videos I made for you. We're also making a new video today.

C- I'll watch them everyday. You know you're my everything right?

L- I do know that. Do you know you're my everything?

C- Yes I did. I love you, honey.

L- I love you too.

C- This is going to be good for you boys. I'm sure of it.

L- Me too. See you in exactly 4 weeks. Not a second later.

C- Hopefully a second earlier. Maybe even a few would be nice.

L- Haha! I love you.

C- I love you too.

L- Talk to you later.

C- Later it will be. Bye babe.

L- Bye sweetie.

God I love that girl. This is going to be even harder than I thought.



Hope you guys liked the first chapter!

The other girlfriends will be revealed in the next chapter!

Thanks guys!

~Cammy xx.

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