This is a world of warcraft movella so please no hate :)

I'm the beast that hides in the shadows.
The giant that leaves only wreck in my wake,
The creature that can fly free,
I am the guardian of the forest,


1. Chapter 1


I ran through the woods letting my paws and my nose lead me towards my prey. It smelt like a deer so I was going with speed so I was in my cat form. I could smell the deer was close so I slowed down to a crawl. When I reached the edge of the meadow I stopped to have a quick look for the one on the edge of the herd. My eyes fell on a young doe right at the edge of the herd but nearby was the buck so I had to change my plan a little. If the buck ran like the others I would stay in cat form but if the buck tried to defend the doe I would have to change into my bear form.

I crept right to the edge my claws taking me closer and closer to my prey when I got close enough that I knew the doe had no chance of out running me. I dashed out of the shadows causing the deers to see me and start to run but I knew that it was no use for them and I caught up with my target when the buck started to charge towards me. I instantly turned into my bear and stood on my hinds legs making me bigger then the buck then swiped my huge claws towards its chest. MY claws found their mark and soon the buck was down the rest of the herd had run away and I was alone to eat my fresh kill.

After my meal that filled me right up I decided to take my hawk form for a fly. I run up to the cliffs edge then jumped. Before long my long wings replaced my arms and claws replaced my legs then feathers sprouted all over my body. Soon I was souring above all the towns and city's not belonging to either side of the great war for control over Azeroth. 

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