“Scotland what?” He takes his arm down.
“Scotland Aurora Green.”
“Is it possible to fall in love with someones name?” He asks, looking in her eyes.
“Okay, whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working.” She slightly laughs. “You’re not getting in my pants if that’s what you want.”
“Hey, hey, hey. I never said anything about getting into anyones pants unless that’s what you want…” He smirks.
“You’re ridiculous.” She says as she scoffs, and pushes past him, throwing her bag once again onto her back.
He grabs her arm and spins her around once he catches up to her, just out of the library.
“Colton Michael Thomas.” He says.
“Well Colton Michael Thomas, I would kindly appreciate it if you fuck off.” She replies, walking away.


5. o5.


    Scotland didn’t see or hear from Colton the rest of the week, which she was satisfied with. She couldn’t stand how normal he was with the idea of her cutting, and how he could even know about it. She pushed all of her friends out of her life, and was focusing on finding herself again, ever since the accident.



    My mind is filled with your voice, your warm comfort. I hate you for it, but not the fantasies inside my head of us together.

            But then again, I am bad for you, and you don’t know it.



    Scotland laid on her bed, reading a book. Well, not as much reading a book as thinking of how she has acted towards Colton, then trying to re-read the page, but then thinking of how much he deserved it. She tosses the book on her bed, and grabs her phone off of the end table beside her bed. She places it back down, then picks it back up; Colton answers the phone on the third ring.

    “Scotland Aurora,” He answers.

    “Hi.” She responds, getting up from her bed.

    “I thought you hated me?” He asks.

    “I do.” She responds, looking at her reflection in the full length mirror of her skinny body, tracing her hip bone and twisting to look at her back.

    “Get to know me.”


    “Get to know me... I want to see you Scotland Aurora.”

    “It’s four in the morning.”

    “Be ready in 15.” He responds, hanging up on her.

Scotland gives a weird look at the phone, and chucks it on her bed, sighing as she walks to her closet. Sure enough, 15 minutes later she heard a car horn go off outside.

“Hi.” She says as soon as she gets in and Colton starts to drive off.

“Let’s go somewhere.” He responds, glancing at her.

“And where exactly do you expect to go at four in the morning on a Saturday?” She asks, looking at him.

“I don’t know, somewhere. Let’s go on an adventure, Scotland Aurora.”

“We live in Washington, there’s nothing to explore here.” She says, realizing how rude it sounded as she said it.

“Shh.” Colton says, turning up the radio to an indie song.

    After about half an hour drive, they arrive at a dirt parking lot in a small town. Scotland looks around at the dark trees as Colton gets out, and jumps when the door slams. She gets out and sees him grabbing a duffel bag.

        “Please tell me you don’t have a dead body in there.” She says as they walk beside eachother up a beaten unmade path.

        “Not yet.” He smirks.

    Scotland gives him a surprised look, as he starts to laugh.

        “I’m kidding, Scotland Aurora.” He says, pushing his shoulder/side into her as she stumbles over her feet a little. They both softly laugh, Scotland looking down to see in the dark night where she’s walking.


“Why do you call me Scotland Aurora?” She asks as she looks up at him, and sees him looking at her.

“I told you, I fell in love with your name.” Colton says as they reach a clearing at the top of the hill. All of Seattle, still half asleep, with few headlights roaming the what seemed small city streets and the clouds turning a lighter shade of dark blue.

“Oh my god,” Scotland begins, looking at possibly one of the most beautiful things she’s ever seen. “I’ve never seen Seattle this beautiful…”

“Everythings always beautiful. You just have to look for the beauty in things sometimes.” He says, putting the duffel bag on the ground and unzipping it to take out some sleeping bags and big blankets. He lays them all down flat, along with two pillows. “Tonight, Scotland Aurora, Let us adore one another. Before there is no more you, and no more me.”

Scotland smiles without showing her teeth, and sits down on the blanket next to Colton on the blankets, with her legs extended. Colton gets one of the bigger blankets and places it on their lap as the sun rises, and their walls are broken down.

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