why me

hello this story is about a girl called jess who meets some very big youtubers
these are pewdiepie smosh danisnotonfire nd amazing phil they all fancy her but she must choose one of them who will she pick read to find out.


1. where it all began

hey buddies '' i said to the camera ''nice talking again so how hs your life been hell or heaven ?

mine has been hell this year im choosing which uni to go to any ideas. tell me your ideas in the comments below

oh and i should tell you my band the screaming demons are on tour so to get tickets visit the link in the description below. ok see you later buddies screen hug bye''.

i said stopping my camera.wow life ws changing drastically for me my band were going on tour and my youtube channel was starting to lift off. suddenly a comment popped up

omg danisnotonfire and amazing phil loved my video fangirl moment..

the next morning

my alrm only just goes off its 9;11 im late for work, shit.this time my brother was going to get it for sure i cant believe he reset my alarm clock again .*5 minutes later* jess your late again '' my boss screamed .''why are you always late this is the last of it your fired get out .

when i got home and ran upstairs to check my video .dan had commented again he said he was doing law at the university of London.

time skip(sorry I want to finish the first chapter i got to do my room soz jess)

* week later*

im on my way to the new flat im going to be living in. number 203 .i open the door and start to unpack  ive dicieded to paint my room purple and black.while unpacking i ply muse on my ipod touch .suddenly i hear the door open i freeze .then i remember fuck i forgot to lock the the door.

''hello anyone here.''i heard a posh london accent come from the hallway.

i see dan walk in .then the world goes black.

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