Being Cher Lloyds secret little sister !

You just finished high school and school wasn't good at all you were bullied a lot but if they knew your secret they wouldn't bully you ! Your secret sister is Cher Lloyd only your best friend Taylor knows but it's kinda weird because she loves Cher. Until one day you meet Justin Bieber and become friends Maybe more ....……….………


1. keeping secrets

You and Taylor were at the mall looking for the perfect outfit for Liam's party. You and Taylor both have a HUGE crush on him I mean why not ! He is nice in every possible way ! So anyway you and Taylor went into forever 21 and got a cute dress so did Taylor then you went into Diva and bought cute high heels too and then you made a few stops at other shops but when you were at mcdonalds you received a phone call. (Convo y/n=you and c= Cher ) y/n "hello?" C "heyy" y/n "omg I have missed you soo much how's the tour " c " oh my y/n I have missed you like soo much and the tour has stopped for a break soo I'm coming home tonight !" Y/n " NO WAY ahhhhh I'm so excited ! " c "haha I got to get going talk to u later bye love you" y/n "ok bye love you see you tonight " ( end of convo )

"Who was that" Taylor asked "Cher and she's coming home tonight " "we better get going then if you want to get a special dinner or something for her " "ok"

You drove Taylor home and then you went home and started cooking dinner when all of a sudden the door opens ……

* hope you are liking my imagine so far who do u think it will be *

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