Chance at Love?

Having my parents die in a car accident, me living in a orphanage house was too much for me because no one is here to look after me or care about me expect… my best friend… Danny. But he doesn’t seem to be my best friend once I found out that he likes me!! But am I willing to start a relationship with him and risk our friendship?


1. New chapter

Hi my name is Rebecca Hasting but the people in my orphanage house call me Becca. Your wondering why I’m in an orphanage house right? Well, let me tell you why im in this house. 6 months ago, I lived in a happy life with my friends Chelsea, Amy and Lucy. I remember that everyone in my year used to be scared of us we were soo popular. Then one time, I asked my parents if I can go to Amy’s birthday party. My parents were moaning about it and everything but at the end of the day, they always got me whatever I wanted. That's why I loved them soo much and I still do.

So as I was saying, my parents let me go and drop me off to the party. The party was great actually it was an amazing night! We all had fun until I got a call from the police. “are you Mr and Mrs Hasting’s daughter? The officer asked. I was thinking that I got into trouble.then I answered the phone “yes that’s right what happened?” I asked. “ im sorry to tell you this but your parents were in a car accident”. Once he said that I couldn't feel my legs. My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding soo fast that I felt like it was about to jump out of my chest. I could hear the officer saying “are you okay” “hello. Hellooo” but I couldn't answer it. I felt like I was going to faint. Then after 10 minutes later, I said “no no I think you got the wrong girl. My parents just drop me off to my friend’s party” I kept on denying it. “im sorry but later that night your parents got into a serious car accident and they couldn't survive.

After that night, my life turned upside down. I wasn't the girl that I used to be, I wasn't popular anymore. And God I missed my parents. I regret every time. I wish that I hadn't gone to that stupid party. Now I would have been with my parents. My mum screaming at me telling me to come downstairs to eat my breakfast. My dad telling me not to wear tight clothes. God I missed those days. Sometimes, I think that this wouldn't happen if I just spend time with my family instead of going to that stupid party.

Anyway, after my parents died, I came to live in a horrible house. They treat me differently and blame me for my parents death. I don’t blame them because it was clearly my fault. All I have now is a dairy that I talked to… and Danny. Danny is the only person in the house that’s kind to me. His always there for me when I need him the most. I guess im not alone.

But there are two people in the house that I hate the most, Heather and Mrs Wilson. They make me sick. Heather blames me for something I didn't do and Mrs Wilson just punishes me and believes Heather. I really don’t know why they hate me. I guess this is what I deserve. Heather just hates me because I apparently ‘’stole her boyfriend’’ pssht as if I like Danny. His just my best mate and ever since I came to this house she hated my guts. Like yesterday, Heather stole some money of Mrs Wilson and guess who got the blame… yeah your right ME.

Me and Danny go to the same school together. We sit together, eat together… basically we do everything together. Danny has always been my my side even when my old friends bully me. His just the best. I literally tell him everything. Like I trust him with my whole life and he trusts me as well.

so then after two weeks later, our friendship wasn't like before. Me and him, we always go to the park after school and just chill there. But during one of the week, we went to the park and sat on the swings. Danny seemed a little upset about something so I asked. ‘’hey whats wrong with you?’’ I asked. ‘’nothing… its just that I don’t sleep much.’’ He said hesitating. From that moment I knew something was up so I asked again. ‘’Danny come on you can tell me anything remember.’’ I said. ‘’well, I don’t think it’s a good idea if I tell you.’’ He said.. so I begged and begged. Suddenly he said it. He likes me!. Omg! What shall I say?. I mean I always used to thought of him as my other half. The one who knew how to make me smile if I was down. The one who used to be there for me always. I wasn't expected this from him. What shall I do. Shall I walk away. Shall I tell him that I liked him too.. I did had a bit of feelings for him. But I cant. Im just not ready yet.

So he pressured me saying that I need to answer his question. Whether I was willing to do this. To start a relationship. He walked away. And I sat on the swings thinking of what I should do next. I didn't have anyone to talk to about it. I mean this was too much for me. I didn't know who to ask for an advice. The only question I had on my mind is… am I willing to do this?

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