stats for 100 day challange

see how I did on TheFuzz's 100 day challange...


1. overview

a lot has happened over the 100 days that I was writing. When I first heard that TheFuzz was going to have this challange I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. I was exsited becouse it was right at the moment when my USB fried on me leving my 53,000 word NaNo book to just 25,000 words. It helped me get a chance to rebuld that and finished it on 12/30/2012 with now 50,023 words but I knew what book I would go on next Evanecence!

I worked on Evanecene almost every day and I started to get behind or that it was sutch a ruteene for me by then, I would drive my mom up the wall saying that as like the wourld would end without me doing my 500 words. I started to worry when I got behind and would start to think what I can do to make it work. Then Evanecence was finished 1/11/2013 with 20,000 (rounded up) words. Which left me wondering what now?

I didn't want to drop the challange so i stanrted to ask arround movellas and I listened to where I came up with The Time Keeper and starting it the same day that evenecence ended (I got permission). It was one of those books that authors usally write a bit and see if it fits and it did gettig amazing review on the rough draft and a request for a sequil/prequil.

But while I was working on Time Kepper My dad died and I didn't write for three days without even knowing! I was shocked sine it had been practicly my life up to then but I got back up and started to wory about my word count once again and writing it as one of my assiments for school. Writing has saved my life once, It has helped me greave to where I had just finished Time Keeper on 3-18-2014 with 35,000 words (Rounded up) and now working on 500 workds till i fininsh Land of Light!!!

I crossed the finish line on 3-24-2014 with 50,132 words. I was estatic but I went on till today which is the grand total of......55,518 WORDS!!!!!!!!!


Thank you TheFuzz for giving me this opratunity and the suport I got but

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