im in love with zayns sister!!!

Hi I'm Alexandra you can call me Alex or ally have a brother his name is zayn


1. hes coming


Alex's p.ov

I woke up:-) :-) :-)  in the morning feeling excited . My brother zayn and his bandmates are coming. Lets get real i havent seen my big brother in like 2 years and ive never met his bandmates just the taught of him and his friends staying here for a year makes me feel excited . I woke up and crawled to the closet . God I feel like a zombie I got out a white tank top and some denim shorts . I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair, then I changed into my clothes and put on some makeup.I don't use a lot of makeup but I just wanted to look my best so I put on some mascara and eyeliner . I looked into the mirror and sighed ``This will have to do'' , I said to myself I went downstairs. Just in time I heard the doorbellring  i opened the door and saw my lovely brother ''ZAYN!'' I yelled ''ALLY'' he yelled back'' I haven't seen you for so long , I missed you'' ''I missed you too'' I said hapilly

'' so, I heard you got engaged with Perry Edwards'' I said crossing my arms . '' uhhh you aren't mad are you'' he said worried . I raised my eyebrow then yelled ''Dude, that's my fucking home girl why the hell would I be mad. He looked relieved . ''So where r the one direction boys?"I asked '' oh there just getting there luggages''(or suitcase if you are american). He pointed at the white van with four boys getting out their luggage.

Hey hope you like my first movella

See yo later alligaters


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