The Collision

When Ashton Irwin starts at a new school, people aren't exactly the nicest to him because of his band. Jamie is just a teenager struggling with school life and troubles at home. When Ashton and Jamie collide, what will happen? Love? Or just friends with feelings for each other
that both won't admit.


11. chapter 7

Jamie's POV:

I'm sitting on Luke's lounge room floor at the moment. Just fiddling with my fingers. It's kinda awkward actually.

Calum and Luke invited me back here after we all messed around at the playground for a little while. Michael was on the lounge next to me with Ashton next to him. Calum and Luke were sharing the couch behind me. And I was just sitting in the middle of the floor. Cos that's just what I do. Sit in the middle of floors.

Calum and Luke really like me, I can tell. Even though I only met them like 2-3 hours ago, they have never failed to make me laugh. I love them both already!

Michael is a great guy. He's like a big, soft cuddly bear. He is definitely a great listener, I can see that already and he is great to talk to.

Ashton. I've known Ashton the longest out of the four boys, and he is the one of the most amazing guys I have ever met. Being that I've only ever met 4 boys that were amazing.

But he really and truly is amazing. He's funny, smart, gorgeous, talented, sexy and just all out brilliant. He can play the drums like a god and can sing like an angel. He's amazing.

I think I'm falling in love with Ashton.

He's so sweet and i love everything about him already.

But the thing is, he could never feel the same way. Every guy that I have ever liked, never liked me back. Most of them never even gave me a second glance. So what's the point?

But the thing is, that with Ashton. I can't help but just love everything he does. I can't help but love everything about him.

When he walks in the room, everything becomes better. My day all of a sudden just becomes brighter. His smile could light up New York City during a black out and his laugh could cure cancer. His eyes shine like stars in the night sky and I've never seen such a beautiful face in my life.

Everything about Ashton just screams perfection.

He is perfect.

Ashton Irwin is perfection.

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