Summer with One Direction

It was summer and I finally finished college. It was a few months before I started teaching dance classes at performing arts school for talented teenagers. I was going to be teaching ballet and hip hop dancing. One day I decided to take a stroll with my best friend and sister Kaia through Jackson Square. As you can guess we live in New Orleans. I stopped to look at a painting of the French Market when I was knocked to the ground by none other th Harry Styles. That moment is what began the next few month's of constant concerts,screaming fans,and endless days on a tour bus with 5 boys and my bestfriend who will be with me through it all. Sharing a small enclosed space space with 5 guys that I dislike I wonder how im going to survive. Maybe by the end of it I will have 5 new bestfriends that are huge popstars. And I get kidnapped, wait what!? I hope these idiots can find me or all hell will break loose. This will be intresting.


4. Chapter 4

Thank the sweet cheesecake gods that the concert was over by the time we decided to stop. Cynthia is an amazing teacher and I learned a lot of new moves that I've never known before. The guys and Kaia was walking over to me and Kaia's face was beet red I couldn't help but laugh.

My laughter ceased when little Nialler asked Kaia out in the weirdest way. Now if she would hurry up and say yes. "Umm yes." Kaia finally said smiling and me being the girl I am squealed and hugged her. I noticed after our happy dance the boys were looking at us weirdly.

"Take a picture it will last longer," I said laughing. Just then a really hot guy showed up holding drum sticks walked over to us, He looked about 6'1, skinny, really tan, brown eyes, and brown hair that swishes to the side.

"Hi I'm Josh Devine." he said shaking Kaia's hand then mine lingering for 3 seconds before stepping back.

"Hi." me and Kaia said in unison then looking at each other. and laughing. I gave Josh my best smile cuz he was really cute when my phone started ringing. I looked down and saw the ID of my mother, ignoring her I put it on silent and let it ring.

"Umm shouldn't you answer that?" Josh asked.

"Nope." I said.

"Ok then. What's your names?" Josh asked staring at me.

"Kaia." Kaia said.

"Keke." I said batting my eye lashes. I heard someone clear their throat and looked at Harry who didn't look happy.

"How's your girlfriend?"" Harry asked. I took a swig of water trying to push down my annoyance at Mr.Styles.

"Oh her and the baby is good. she's 6 months along now." Josh said looking at me again. All of a sudden my very surprised ass started chocking on water. Louis came over and started patting my back while Kaia laughed. Finally being able to breath I shot daggers at her then Harry wiping that smirk off his face.

Coughing a little bit I told everyone that I was going to shower to de-grossify myself.I started walking when I heard footsteps behind me , I turned and saw Harry. I was still angry at him about our fight earlier so I kept walking. He started running to catch up with me. We both got on the tour bus.

I grabbed my clothes and started towards the bathroom when I felt a hand on my arm. "I'm sorry about earlier. I never should have started a fight with you." Harry said.

"Yea well you did so adios." I said yanking my arm out of his grasp but failing.

"When you have nightmare's why do you go to Kaia?" Harry blurted out.

"That is none of your business." I hissed yanking on my arm once more and feeling my hand go free I turned and went to take a shower. After my glorious shower I put on my black sweat pants, Black Veil Brides oversized T-shirt, and black uggs because those things are comfortable, my hair I just left down to let it air dry in its normal wavyness. I walked out and saw everyone sitting on the bus laughing.

"Hey guys what's crack a lackin?" I asked sitting at the table.

"Never say that again."Zayn said.

"Oh go call your girlfriend Malik." I replied rolling my eyes. I got up and went to the cabinet ignoring Zayn's tongue being pointed at my direction and grab the Doritos. I sat down on the couch between Kaia and Zayn and started watching Criminal Minds.

"Hey Keke." Louis asked.

"What?" I asked turning it from the dead body to Louis.

"I was going to walk around Las Vegas, I was wondering if you wanted to join me?" he asked.

"Yes I would love to hang out with you Louis." I said reaching over and ruffling up his hair.

He smiled and pushed my hand away. "I'll wake you up to get ready in the morning before we leave." he said. I nodded and said okay before turning my attention that to the TV.After 2 hours of Criminal Minds and Law and Order UK everyone finally left to go to bed.

*The next day*

"Keke wake up." Louis said shaking me. Me being the weird person I am I punched him and fell off the couch. "Ow!" he whisper yelled.

"Sorry Lou my bad," I said helping him up. I grabbed some clothes and ran to the bathroom to change. I pulled on a black lace tank topnbecause I love lace, black ripped skinny jeans, and my purple hot top converse. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, and put eyeliner, mascara, base, and eyeshadow. When I was ready I walked out and grabbed my phone. Louis was wearing vans, jeans, and a blue button up shirt.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yup." I answered grabbing a cereal bar, while he put on shades and Monster hat. I gave him a questioning look.

"Popstar remember?" he said smiling.

"Right, I forgot." I said laughing as I pounced down the bus steps. When Louis came out we started walking. It was hot but the sights were incredible and colorful. When it hit lunch time we decide to stop at Hard Rock Cafe to eat. Louis insisted that he pay so eventually I let him.

We were waiting for our food and our conversation on which Doctor Who episode was better have stopped a while ago."Wanna play a game?" Louis asked.

"What game?" i asked kind of afraid to know the answer.

"21 questions." he said.

"OK." I agreed."You first."

"How old are you?"

"21" I answered.

"Where was you born?" he asked.

" Birmingham, Alabama." I said.

" What made you move to New Orleans?" he asked.

"The University." I said.

"What's your favorite color?"

"Purple." I answered.

"So your a teacher." he said more of a statment.

"Yes I'm going to be teaching ballet and hip hop dance academy." I said.

"OK cool. Umm do you have any brothers or sisters?" he asked.

"I have 6-" I was cut off by my phone ringing. I checked the ID saw it was my mother and hit ignore."Sisters 6 sisters.". I finished.

"Why do you do that?" he asked.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Ignore whoever that is." he said.

"It's my mother." I said.

"Why do you ignore her calls?" he asked.

"Because ever since she remarried that asshoke Andrew we have never gotten along." I answered playing with the salt and pepper shaker.

"What happened?'' he asked.

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