*Sequel to Freshman*

After six months and three days of being with her dream guy, Alison watches him drive off to college. Her mom gets worried and sends her off to summer camp, where she bumps into someone she hasn't talked to for months.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

*Alison's POV*

4 weeks ago my parents decided that I was depressed, probably because I stayed in bed all day listening to old music. I mean my parents had they're reasons but I wouldn't say that I was depressed or suicidal. But they were my parents and I couldn't stop them, I couldn't stop them from sending me away to summer camp. Some sucky camp for kids who were depressed, alone or suicidal. 

I get up from my bed looking around for my suit case, I find it under a pile of clothes. I throw the clothes in the laundry basket and pull out my suit case, making sure I have everything for camp. Then I look around for some clothes, I can't go to camp in my pajamas. I finally choose ripped jeans, an old spider man t-shirt, combat boots and a grey beanie. I run down the stairs, and see my waiting parents outside. I hug them both goodbye before getting in the cab, I smile at the small man in the drivers seat and hand him the money that my parents gave me. 


*Louis' POV*

I look down at my shoes, I certainly don't want to look at my parents. I hate them right now, who do they think they are sending me off to camp? And a camp for depressed kids at that. I get in the car with them, not talking to them the whole way. They try to wave goodbye to me but I roll my eyes, and get out of the car. I wait by the side walk for the bus thats supposed to take me to camp, the camp I don't want to go to. 


*Alison's POV*

The small guy in the cab smiles at me and says goodbye in a weirdly deep voice. I shuffle over to the bus stop, looking around I only see a boy reading a book and eating an apple. I sit down on the bench and pull out a book, I am so involved in it that I don't notice the boy walk up to me. "Alison?" I look up.




Hey you awesome, awesome people! 

I know it's a short chapter, but that cliffhanger tho :-)

Im just weird hehehe

Ok ok, I should let you get back to reading over stories that are better then mine lol I know that mines the best (hehehe)

Bye Loved Ones :-)

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