New Known Kid

I'm Ally Michelson I'm 17 and a senior in high school I live with my parents and younger brother Stephan.I'm a tomboy I love jeans and t-shirts.I listen to country and hard rock, just recently got into to pop music. I wasn't very popular in school but had a good amount of friends. Go through my last year of high school with me and I'll show you how I met the love of my life Niall Horan. And the crazy year that me and my friends will have when we meet the boys.


1. Chapter 1 Ally P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm clock blaring,I shut it off with my fist then sat up in my bed. Today is the first last day of my high school year and I'm so excited to get this year over with and go off to college and start my life. But first to get out of this nice warm bed and go to my closet through my cold cold cold room. Why is it so cold, because my mom is going through changes she gets hot flashes and it still being summer she's double the hot so the house is double the cold plus I just woke up.

After getting my shower and getting dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and my new pair of converse shoes and made my way to the kitchen. I ate my moms um yummy breakfast,she is trying to learn how to cook my dad is teaching her, its easy for him he has alot of patience and he's a professional cook at the most well known eating places here in town.

I was putting my bowl of cereal in the dishwasher when Stephan walked into the kitchen. "Young man why are you not dressed." My mom turned around and scolded him, but he couldn't take her serious with the streak of flour across her forehead.

"I don't want to go to school."he simply said sitting in a chair at the table. Knowing what was going to happen next I grabbed my car keys and bag, kissed my mom on the cheek then walked to my car. This conversation between my mom and brother has been going on since 1st grade, the first week of school he will argue with my mom about not wanting to go to school and by the next week he absolutely loves it and wants to go back every day.

The drive to school was short and I hated it, school is the last place I wanted to be. But got to graduate am I right, yea I'm right how can I not be. Today was different not the usual school first day thing but something is off for my school. Yea there is the usual chatter and grouping when you enter the gym lobby,that remind s me you should learn about the school. My high school is basically new its working on its fourth year so that means my graduating class would be have spent our 4 years of high school hell that make sense?

Anyway there is the front office and guidance office all together then for the class rooms there are 6 hallways 2 are for the art class,computer class and woodshop. The other 4 hallways are for the subjects that matter English is on one hall, science in 2 hallways,math in the main hallway of the upper level,and history and Spanish in the other hallway. Each of the 4 hallways have the freshmen,seniors, juniors, and sophomores.

That was just in the first building, the second one was an arts and gym building you know a p.e. gym and a competition gym, dance studio,auditorium, bandroom with soundproof booths in it and a solo ensemble room beside it, choir room,scene shop, costume shop,etc. Last there was the band\soccer field but then again we don't have a soccer team, 2 tennis courts,baseball field,and football field.

That school is huge and my parents wonder why I'm always hungry and tired when I get home its from running around that place all day. First is science, then Spanish 2, theater class,and off then to p.e,then English which is my lunch period, then an art class,and math,then last class of the day is history . After grabbing my books needed for that first day I headed into the school only finding myself shoving my way to the front doors.

There were dozens of kids all gathered around the front office why I have no idea. I saw there were 5 minutes left so I put my notebooks and other stuff in my locker then went to go find what classroom I would need to be in when the bell rang. I meet up with my usual group of friends and we caught up on our favorite moments of our summer. Ashley Huff an Cj Posey were always by my side no matter what. Madison Vietch was another good friend of mine but I don't see her as often. I saw Santana Armstrong during my classes last year and over the year we have grown closer no doubt.

I check the clock again and see it's about time for my day to begin and I head into Coach Smith's science class. He is fresh out of college and very popular with the girls. He hates the attention and tries to ignore their flirtations but that doesn't stop the girls. There aren't many of us who doesn't throw themselves at him and I'm happy to be friends them. He is a really cool teacher to talk to and he loves sports.

"Hey Ally how was your summer?" he asked.

"Good boring but good. Yours?'' I asked as I pulled a chair up to his desk and set my stuff on the floor.

"Good I'm probably going to propose to my girlfriend soon." he said and started to get a smile on his face like a little kid getting a cookie before dinner.

"That's great good luck." I said,before I could continue on a group of girls entered the class room all giggly and excited.

"Why are y'all late?" coach Smith asked them.

"Because they finally arrived today." a girl giggled.

I turned to coach with questioning look on my face,"Who arrived today?"

"Heck if I know,let's see if there is anything in the email the principal sent out this morning." he turned to his computer and started clicking and typing before he stopped and read aloud to me. "This year we will have 2 guys from a famous singing group coming and spending a senior year with us. They are here for a new reality TV show that will be airing in 2 weeks we will give you more info on that later. The company needed a small quiet town and choose this school to film.(small town my sweet white rump this is a community Wikipedia even says so.) We will expect everyone,staff and students, to be on their best behavior and have a good year."

Knowing neither of us would know who these guys were we turned to the most gossiping group of girls in the classroom. "Well ask them." coach said.

"I don't want to talk to them you do it." I said back.

He hung his head at sighed,"Fine make me be the adult. What guys are coming to the school?" he asked them through my laughter.

"Harry and Niall." a fake blond responded. Me and coach looked at each other and asked who at the same time before the bell rang and I had to go to my next class. Spanish sucked and theater is always boring on the first day but I'd rather have that than history that class is definitely going to end up being snoozeville. I guess it was ok because I had either 2 or 3 of my friends in there. P.e was my zone we can actually play today was warm ups and they separated the guys from the girls again, it sucks because CJ is in this class and he is just as competitive as I am.

"OK class we will have a new student in here tomorrow so be on your best behavior, this is a place of learning not a place of social time. Got that?" he said then strolled away when he was satisfied with our chorus of yes sirs. After class I decided to hop quickly in the shower,that wasn't quick enough because before I knew it the bell for next class began and I still haven't dried my hair. So I grabbed my stuff and ran across the open crosswalk thanking the heavens that my English class was the same level I was on.

I pushed open the door and rushed in right into someone and myself and the person I crashed into hit the floor,way to go me. Now I'm going to be even more late to class. "I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going." I apologized.

"Its my fault to are you OK?" he asked sitting up and pulling his legs to his chest.

"Um yea I'm fine, why aren't you in class the teachers aren't supposed to let us out of class." I said getting my notebooks and standing up.

"Um my first day here." he looked sheepish and then stood up.

"You don't look like a freshman, you look way older like my age or older." I laughed.

"Well neither do you." he chuckled.

"Um I have to get to class. I'm very late." I said then rushed off to my next class. I ran into the classroom and my teacher gave me a quick look before going back to the computer screen. OK let's not ask me for a pass for being late to class by about 20 minutes!? Jeez can't these people stop staring at me like I killed someone. I quickly took my seat behind Cj and beside Santana.

"Why are you so late?" Ashley who sits in front of Santana asked me while looking at her Instagram on her phone.

"Ashley its the first day of school your going to get your phone taken up they care about the rules for the first week remember." Santana said while she played on her tablet.

"You can't get onto to Ashley while your playing on your tablet." I pointed out.

"Actually I can these are allowable in school cellular communcationl devices are not." she pointed out then went back to the device.

"Cellular communicationl device is not a word." I said then smirked cuz I was right.

She stuck her tongue out at me and said," It is if I make it."

I rolled my eyes and striked up a conversation with Cj while Ashley and Santana started the beginning argument of their many ones for the year before the teacher jumped up and the door opened and our principal and that kid I bumped into walked in.

"Class this is the new kid he will be in this class and I expect he be treated like everyone else." the principal spoke before swiftly walking out of the room.

"Does she always walk that fast? I could hardly keep up." he said in a Irish accent. He looked familiar but I couldn't put a name to him he was short,blue eyes, and blonde hair that spiked upwards,and was fairly skinny. Everyone nodded their heads and agreed because that women runs everywhere she gos its no wonder she stays semi-skinny.

"Well why don't you tell us your name." the teacher said.

"I know who he is." a girl from the back of the class said I don't ever talk to her she is one with the popular crowd so I keep my distance.

"OK then who is he." the teacher said showing her annoyance.

"That's Niall Horan." the girl said proud that she knew who he was. There was a lot of squeals and awws from the classroom Ashley being one of them. Poor Cj put his head on the desk and groaned while Santana looked at me with a wtf face and I couldn't blame her. That was who I bumped into, I knew who they were I've seen their faces everywhere but I never listened to their music. I just bumped into Niall Horan who is going to be at our school .

Did hell break loose,or did the zombie apocalypse start am I going to get eatin by zombies. "Well Niall the only other open seat is Santana there. Santana raise your hand." the teacher ordered and she did.

"Hey." he said to her when he sat down.

"Hi." she said back when she turned to face me. We looked at each other and sent a look wondering why he was here and Santana being the bold hardheaded person she is asked him what we both were thinking."Not trying to be rude or anything but why are you here?"

"Well aren't you very straight forward." he nervously chuckled. "Well we signed up to do a TV show about what it is like to be a teenager in America."

"So why choose this dump?" she asked.

"Dump? I thought this school was newly built?" he asked.

"It is but the people us what makes the school suck." I said to make what she said a little easier to understand.

"Oh um well the producers needed a small town and a quiet place the school is quite and nice big to so they wanted us to go here." he explained.

"You keep saying us,why?" Santana being straight forward again.

"Oh because Harry will be joining in a few days he's sick." Niall explained.

"Well welcome to hell I'm Santana Armstrong as you already know and itl be fun getting to know you before you switch sides and start hanging out with the popular leaches." she stuck her hand out and they shook hands.

"Your going to be fun to hang out with I can already tell." he shook her hand and they both smiled and started trading their interest and likes and hates, becoming fast friends. Santana looked at me because she noticed I stopped talking when Niall sat down.

"This is Ally Michelson." Santana said to Niall. He turned and looked at me and smiled.

"Hi Ally you already know who I am. Um I know I'm new here but is there anywhere to go around?" he asked.

"No the only place fun to go is the next town over it has a few shopping centers." I answered.

"Oh nothing closer?" he asked looking a little sad.

"Not really we aren't on the map the only big place we have is Foodland and Walmart." I said.

"Wow they weren't kidding when they wanted a small town." he said.

"So what's your schedule?" Santana asked. As he went through his schedule I mentally checked it with mine and found out we had theater with me,English, and P.e. That wasn't much but less of a chance I'll get mobbed by crazed fans. He had classes with Santana and those were Spanish 2,math, a theater class of his. I had history with Santana And Madison his is a different time.

The bell finally rang for lunch and Santana split up to sit with some of her other friends while me, Niall,Ashley,and Cj all sat together outside. The lunch was short its going to be like that for the next few days to get used to the new year. So that meant my lunch was filled with introductions and Ashley squealing in my ear about how awesome Niall is and how she would like totally follow him around all day, her words not mine.

Lunch ended and we headed back to the classroom, the teacher decided to talk for the rest of class so that meant we couldn't talk. Art, math and History was boring then again the first few days of school always is. School ended and I was glad to be going home just have to pick up Stephan first.

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