The New Student

Lee Taemin is the most quiet student in his whole entire school. Hasn't said a word to anybody ever since the first day of school. But, will it only take a new kid to open him up to the world??


1. Trying To Get To Him

"Hey new kid. You see that boy over there in the corner writing in a small book." One of the jock boys called me over to ask.



"Yeah, I see him. Wae?!" I asked back.


"His name is Lee Taemin. He doesn't talk to anybody but we know he talks. Think you can get him to talk to you?" He asked.


"I don't know. Maybe." I said walking over to him.


I approached him and he didn't look up or move one bit. I just cleared my throat and he looked up slowly. His facial expression was cold but his face was baby like. He looked as if he had a smile that wanted to pop up and his eyes looked to be a sweet brown. He looked back down and continued to write.


"My name is Choi Min Ho. I'm the new kid here. I would like to get to know you and be friends." I put on my big smile.


He just looked back up at me and shook his head from side to side. He pointed over to the jocks and then pointed back at me. I tried to figure out what he was saying.


"You think I'm with them?" I asked.


He nodded his head and continued to write.


"I promise I'm not. I was just called over to them from my lunch. Then they explained to me who you were, so I decided that you might needed a friend or someone to talk to." I put my smile back on.


He just stared at me blankly.

"So, did he open up to you?" The jock asked.


"Not one bit." I said.


The bell had rang and everyone scattered to their class. In the middle of the teachers teaching i pulled out a folded piece of paper that I out in my pocket. Lee Taemin had wrote it.

There's a staircase in the back of the school I go to everyday when P.E class comes. Meet me back there since you have study hall. Then we'll talk.

~Lee Taemin

I folded it back up and stuffed it in my pocket.

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