On the Run


1. Unexpected Visitor

Demi Henderson climbed in her car. The work day seemed to drag on forever. All she wanted to do was to go home and eat and watch some sports game.

Inside her small house, Demi went to her fridge and grabbed three slices of leftover pizza and Pepsi.

She had just finished her second slice and watched the end of the local college basketball game when the doorbell rang. Groaning, Demi went and answered the door.

"Demi, you're father was found dead this afternoon." Bill Jensen spoke with regret.

"My father?" Demi couldn't keep the shock from her face. "Tell me how this happened." Demi allowed Bill inside the house.

Demi's father had been a big deal in politics. He'd one even been the governor of New York. All her life Demi's father had received threats. It was not something unusual for her father to be threatened.

"As you know your father was running another election. Once again he received threats. He did warn us, but no one had ever carried out a threat before. And as all threats, the person was anonymous. We guess they would do most anything to get their point through. Including killing your father."

"My father is dead. What am I to do?" Demi felt a lump in her throat, but no tears came to her eyes.

"First things first. We don't know just how far this person will go. Your father's partner is also receiving threats. He's already gone into protection."

"You want to put me in protection as well. Because as much as I want to pretend the threats are over, I know they won't be until this election is over." Demi had never felt so alone. Her father, the only family she had left, was dead.

"Yes. I do want to put you in the protection program, however your father had kept you quite low. No one really knows who his daughter is. Let's just hope it's not someone who knows who you are." Bill spoke with only business. "We just want you to have almost like a bodyguard, however there is a catch."

"I figured there would be a catch.

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