Love at first sight

Skylar is a shy, insecure girl... & she loves Niall Horan. When they met, will it be Love At first sight ?


13. what do I do?

I was shocked. "I-I-I gotta go, text me ?" I said. I walked to my hotel room. I was laying in bed when I got a call... "Hello ? Who is this ?" "It's your mom Skylar" "W-what?!" I practically screamed through the phone. "I'm so sorry" "why did you leave me?! Do you know how hard it's been without my parents?!" "That's why I called.. Do you want to come live with me & your father again ?" "No! I'm sorry but No! You guys left me!!" And with that I hung up crying my eyes out. I called Becca. "B-b-Becca" I stuttered. "Skye what's wrong ?!" "M-my mom called & wants me to go live with her" "no! No!" "I'm not.. Let's change the subject.. What's Up?" "Niall has been talking about you no-stop. I think he likes you" I blushed.. "Becca this May seem crazy but when I saw him it was Love At First Sight" "Oh. My. God... He said that same thing..." "Come to my hotel we need to talk."


"No! your not going out with your friends" Jacob Screamed at me. And he slapped me so hard. "Don't hit me!" I had to get away.. So I ran to Becca's house

~end of flashback~

"Hey Skye" Becca said peeking her head in my hotel room door. "Hey" we talked about everything - Niall, the cuts, Jacob. "Becca I'm scared... What if he finds me again ?" "He won't I promise!"

Could she be wrong ? Will I get Niall ? Or will Jacob get to me first...?

Comment what you think should happen or Kik me what should happen - skylar_bro1221

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