One Month.

This story is about an adventure of several young adults.
They are watched by camera men, part of the time.
Just paid to spend time in the amazing Hawaii Island.
Some of them are looking for love, and others just looking for fun.
What happens? You'll have to read to find out.


4. Day Four.

~*Makayla's POV*~

I woke up early so that I could make breakfast for everyone.. early around here is like 8 A.M, so that's when I got up. I was still in my PJ's but.. I decided to at least brush my hair out incase someone comes down. I then walked down the steps and into the kitchen, where I opened the fridge getting out the eggs. I set them down on the counter top and turned on the stove. I then went over to the stereo, plugging my iPod into and playing "Seen it all Before" by Bring Me the Horizon. As I was cooking the eggs, I was singing along to the song.

"I've seen it all before... I don't wanna do this by myself.. I don't want to live like a broken record. I've heard these lines, a thousand lines. And I've seen it all before!"

Just as a was singing the last note loudly I heard foot steps, I immediately jumped, burning myself on the hot stove. "Fuck." I mumbled under my breath, shaking my hand in the air. "I'm so, so, so, sorry," it was Rec, I could tell by the British accent.

"It's fine, just hurts." I said, wincing slightly as he touched the burn. "I'll get you some ice.." Rec told me as he began walking over to the fridge, he was wearing grey sweats, a blue T-shirt and his hair was all messy but cute.

I ran my hands under cold water and then slowly walked up behind Rec, when he turned around I flicked my wrists splashing water on him.

"Hey!" Rec called out as water hit him, just then the door bell rang and Rec had ice in his hands.. I knew what he was going to do so I dashed to the door, him following close behind.

I opened the door just before Rec could throw the water on me, there stood a girl with medium brown hair and brown eyes. "May I help you?" I asked her, glancing over at Rec, and he had a shocked expression on his face. "I believe Rec knows who I am," the girl stated, looking Rec's way. "Y-yeah, Mc, this is my g-girlfriend.. Dana..." Rec spoke softly.

Wait, what?




"How ya doing, babe?" Dana said, stepping into the house, practically pushing me out of the way.

"I'm doing good.. why are you here?" Rec asked, looking at her still confused about what was going on.

"Well, I missed you and the company said I could also be on the show.. so here I am," Dana explained, hugging Rec tightly and then kissing him roughly.. oh gawd.. just.. oh gawd.

~*Aaliyah's POV*~

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock.. what the fuck? It's only 8:15 A.M.

I was trying to get comfortable when I realized there was something at my feet.. that's odd, I sat up and there was Wes laying at the foot of my bed, curled up in a little ball, like a cat. Why is he in here?

I kicked him lightly with my foot and he stirred, I kicked him again but a bit harder and he jumped... then fell off the bed.. I couldn't help but laugh, and that's exactly what I did, I laughed, a lot.

"What the fuck, Candie?" Wes questioned, getting off of the floor and then curling back up on my bed.

"Nigga, why are you on my bed? And sleeping in it?" I asked him, trying to push him off again.

"Well, I can't answer that question... wait, I'm in your bed? I thought this was my room.. where's my stuffed turtle?!" Wes raged on.. I swear this guy and turtles is about to end.

"I ate him," I said flatly, "You what?!?!" Wes was starting to yell now, "and this is my room.." I added.

Wes got up and ran into his room and then came back with a stuffed turtle.

"Gawd damn it, give me it," I ordered and he shook his head, I then got up and was about to take the turtle when Makayla walked in. She sat down on my bed and she looked pretty pissed.

"Rec's fucking girlfriend is here," Makayla said, wait what? That Dana chick is here?

"Seriously?" I asked and she nodded, oh dear gawd.. this isn't going to end well.

~*Makayla's POV*~

I decided I should at least make break fast for every like I had planned. So, I headed back down the steps.

When I got to the bottom I saw Dana and Rec on the couch.. cuddling and kissing, anger fled through me. I went over to my iPod and put in "King For A Day" by Pierce the Veil and Kellin Quinn, blasting it through out the house. I'm pretty sure that might wake everyone else up.. but I don't care. Anything to get them to stop kissing. Just as I was getting everything I needed to make French Toast out, Dana walked over to me.

"Uhm, what are you doing?" She asked, trying to act innocent, "I'm making breakfast," I told her flatly.

"Well, actually, I was going to make it," Dana stated, shocking me, I just looked at Rec and walked away. I grabbed my iPod off the stand, then walked upstairs and out to the balcony. It seemed like a peaceful place to think.

~*Kyle's POV*~

I heard music playing, loudly and decided to get up and see what all the commotion was all about.

As I was passing the doors to the Balcony I realized Makayla and Maya were out there. So, I slowly opened the doors, not wanting to interrupt their "girl talk" or whatever.

Maya was playing the guitar and they were both singing, I didn't know what song it was though. But, they sounded good. I stayed in the door-way until they were finished with the song.

"Can we help you?" Makayla asked, looking at me.

"Oh-uh, no. I was just listening, you two were good," I told them, sitting down next to them.

"Thanks," they both said together,

"what song was that?" I asked Maya and Makayla,

"If You Can't Hang." Maya told me,

"by Sleeping With Sirens." Makayla added.

"When did you learn to play guitar?" I asked Maya,

"oh, uhm, .... 5th grade!" She answered me and I nodded.

After a while of talking on the balcony we went down to the kitchen where; Chris, Aaliyah, Wes, Rec, Kart and some girl were sitting around the table.

Makayla sat down next to Aaliyah, me next to Makayla, Maya next to me, then Kart, Rec, some girl, Wes, and then Aaliyah.

"I'm not really hungry," Makayla announced, getting up from the table and then walking out the back door.

"Neither am I." Aaliyah said, following Makayla along with Wes and Maya. I wonder what's up with them?

Chris, Kart, Rec, that girl and I all ate breakfast, creating small talk while we were eating. I found out the girl's name was Dana and she was Rec's girlfriend.

Oh gawd, now I see why Makayla left. Who knows how the rest of this day is going to go.

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