One Month.

This story is about an adventure of several young adults.
They are watched by camera men, part of the time.
Just paid to spend time in the amazing Hawaii Island.
Some of them are looking for love, and others just looking for fun.
What happens? You'll have to read to find out.


5. Day Five.

~*Aaliyah's POV*~

I woke up, today is my birthday. I am finally, finally 18. Which, I'm very happy about. I quickly got out of bed and changed into this. I then went downstairs and saw everyone down there and breakfast was already made, by Makayla. She made my favorite; waffles After we all ate breakfast Maya said I had to go with Wes for the day. Therefore, I did.

"Where are we going?" I asked Wes, we were in a car.. driving who knows fucking where.

"Just a place.." Wes told me, keeping his eyes on the road.

I groaned and leaned back, listening to the radio.

I wonder where Mr. Turtle Lover is going to take me.

~*Makayla's POV*~

Early this morning we had all gotten Aaliyah a gift and we're setting up for her party, Wes is taking her to Surfing lessons for fun and to keep her out of the house.

Maya was going to make the cake, Kart and Chris decorating the pool area, Wes was out with Aaliyah, Rec and Dana were suppose to be decorating the rest of the house.. but you know, they were making out on the couch. And then I was helping Maya bake and getting all the food in bowls and stuff.

I walked over to Rec and Dana, tapping my foot impatiently, with my arms cross across my chest. "Are either of you, going to help?" I asked, obviously pissed. "Oh-uh-yeah," Rec said, getting up and leaving Dana, she glared at me. "Makayla, can I speak with you?" Dana growled, I nodded, following her into Her- Her and Rec's room..

"Yes?" I asked, looking at her.

"Stay away from Rec, m'kay? He's mine.. and he's way too old for you. So, fuck off," what she said didn't surprise me, I knew from the start she hated me.

"Whatever you say, Dana. But, you do me a favor; stop making out and start trying to make this work. It's Aaliyah birthday and we're trying to make it special. Okay? Okay." I stated, turning on my heels and walking away.

~*Aaliyah's POV*~

After about 20 minuets of Wes driving we arrived at a shop, the sign read; Willie's Surf Shop. Why are we where?

"Come on," Wes said, getting out of the dark blue Jeep Ranger, I followed him inside.

"Whatcha' here for?" A man with long dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes asked Wes. The boy probably was 6 foot tall and had a pretty fit body, maybe a few years older then me.

"Surf Lessons, eleven o'lock under the name; Payne." Wes told the blonde boy, as I was looking at the boy I realized his name tag read; Trevor.

"Oh, you're my eleven o'clock. What are your shirt sizes? For the Wetsuits," Trevor asked us.

"Oh, uh, large.." I told him "medium," Wes chirped.

The boy came back with our wetsuits, handing us the wetsuits. "There's changing a room, down that hall and to the right."

Wes and I both went down the short hall-way, we came across one door that said "Changing room" on it. "You can go first," Wes gestured towards the door and I went into the room, stripping off my clothes off and changing into my wetsuit. Then, I went out, carrying my clothes and waited for Wes to change into his.

When he finished we went back to the desk where Trevor had already changed into a wetsuit similar to Wes' it was just dark grey. It showed off his abbs and built body a lot better. He actually wasn't that bad looking.

After that, he took us into a room where we got surfboards that were our size. Then, we headed out to a small secluded beach.

"Okay so, first you'll be laying down." Trevor explained, placing his bored in the sand.

After he had completely explained to us what we needed to do, he was going to let us actually try.

I was excited to try, so I picked up my board and began walking out into the ocean, Wes following behind me.

As I began to swim out on the board, I could see Wes struggling to catch up, Trevor watching from the shore, making sure neither of us mess up. I was gaining some speed when Wes finally caught up to me. "Ready?" I asked, Wes nodded in reply.

We both saw a huge wave coming, and looked at each other kind of like a signal if we should do it. "Let's do it," Wes said, turning his board around and getting ready, I did the same.

The wave came up behind us, quickly. I started to paddle, trying to catch the wave and I did it. I looked over at Wes and he was doing the same, in fact he was right beside me.

I finally got the courage to stand up, so, slowly, I got onto my hands and knees. Then, I slowly began to stand up, the wave getting bigger and bigger.

I was actually standing! On a surf board! I was surfing! I was so excited, I looked over at Wes and he was standing also, I was excited for the both of us. Wes smiled at me, and I returned the smile.

Then, I felt myself starting to loose my balance, I panicked trying to regain it.. but then, I fell. All I remember was hitting the water and then darkness.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Wes hovering over me.

"What happened?" I asked, rubbing my eyes and sitting up.

"Oh, you fell over towards my side and hit your head on my board, went under water, and blacked out." Wes explained to me, I only nodded and then Trevor handed me an ice pack. I thanked him and then held it to my head. "So, how did I end up back on shore?" I asked Wes, "oh, uhm, well, I kinda, uhm... saved you." Wes answered me.

"Oh, thanks," I told him, a small blush creeping onto my cheeks.

"Well, let's get back to the house.." Wes insisted.

After we thanked Trevor for the surf lessons and changed back into our clothes, we were back in the Jeep and heading home.

It was about 2:20 in the afternoon when we arrived back to the house.

The house was quiet when we walked in.. too quiet, then, everyone jumped out from behind couches, chairs and tables yelling "SUPRISE!"

Wes and I both laughed, the house was decorated all over with balloons, streamers, and other stuff.

"Let's get this party started!" Chris announced, running outside and jumping into the pool.

I chuckled a bit to myself and looked around at all the decorations. It was so awesome that these people did all for me and I've barely known them for a week.

We all laughed and ate cake and danced and ate more food and opened presents and swam and just had fun. I'm really starting to like it here.

"Let's play... Spin the bottle.." Chris said, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge.

We all agreed and sat in a circle outside by the pool. "Who wants to go first?" Chris asked, "I will!" Makayla volenteered happily. What if she got to kiss Rec.. that would make Dana so jealous and Makayla so happy. I smiled at my own thought.

Makayla then picked up the bottle and spun it, it landed on Maya. "Nope, not doing the girl on girl thing, sorry guys." Makayla annouced with a smile, looking at Chris and Kart. "Aww!" Kart said, jokingly. "Round two." She said. Then, she spinned the bottle once more and it landed on Rec. I smiled to myself and Makayla's eyes lit up.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I heard Dana mumble under her breath. Rec's eyes widened when he saw that the bottle was pointing at him. "We all know what this means!" Wes said, happily. "This is bull shit." Dana said, stopming off. "It's just a game, babe," Rec told Dana as she stomped away from him. "I don't care. Its un-fair." She spat back at him. "Oh, fucking forget it, I'm out." Then, Makayla was gone inside. "For fuck sake," Chris mumbled, with his hands on his face.

Rec didn't run after Dana.

No one did.

How is she even here? Like the fuck.

Attention seekers these days.

After ten minuets Makayla came back out. So far, Kart's kissed me, and Wes has kissed Maya. Also, Chris and Maya have kissed. And it wasnt just a kiss, it was like one of those hard deep kisses that makes you want them to get a room.

Anyways, Makayla sat down next to me, and Maya. It was Makayla's turn again.

She spinned the bottle and it landed on... Rec. Again. I could see Makayla starting to blush and so was Rec. They would totally be the perfect couple if Dana would just lay off. Even if she is so called "dating" Rec.

~*Makayla's POV*~

I had just spun the bottle and it landed on Rec, again. I blushed slightly and watched as he got up and walked over to me.

I looked up into his dark brown eyes. Why is he so perfect?

He gently took my face into his hands and his lips landed on mine.

Then, before I knew it.. he had already stood up once more and was already sitting down again.

That was so perfect.. why did it have to end so quickly?

And, why did he have to have a girlfriend..

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