The old switcheroo

Melissa Klein is a supermodel, actress and dancer. She is famous for her dancing on Broadway. Tilly Brooks is a back up dancer for Melissa, but a freak accident causes their lives to collide in an extraordinary way.


8. Chapter 8

"Welcome home Mel!"

I entered the flash Penthouse to be scattered with streamers and party poppers. Mark Robbs stood open armed by all the mini cocktails, Polly shoved me over to him.

"Quick, go get changed, other people will be coming soon!" Polly said with a smile,

I looked at her lost,

"Oh my god! You don't know where your own bedroom is? Its this way!"

She guided me through the bejewelled hallway, the doors were named like, Polly's bathroom, Melissa's screen room etc. When we got to the right room, I stumbled over, what I thought was a rug, but was actually many bunches of primroses, roses and violets.

"Oh wow." I mouthed, Melissa was more loved than I'd thought.

I picked up the flowers and stepped inside, the room was painted a bright white, and there were mahogany chests of drawers and red leather stools. The bed was massive, sequin cushions were spread amongst the bed, there was a floral duvet, and the whole room smelt of blossoms. It was amazing!

There was even a walk in wardrobe, Polly picked me an outfit though, I was kind of looking forward to it. A short dark blue glitzy dress, with diamante high heels, my hair was ironed straight and it looked like someone had dropped a massive house of makeup on my face.

Guess I was ready to party.


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