My Story (so far)

This is my story. This is not made up, this is complete truth. For obvious reasons I changed names, but other than that everything is real. This is NOT the story of a popular girl, because that is not my reality. This IS the story of me. Skylar Rayne. And I never want anyone to have to go through the heck I did.



1. a little girl.

Well I don't remember anything from when I was a baby, all I know is that my mom worked at a day care then a couple other jobs, same with my dad. My dad wasn't very nice to my mom. He was really mean (I am not going to specify what kind of mean things he did.). He made bad choices and the police knew. My papa(grandpa) was a police officer, and it was illegal to tell any one (except your spouse(no names allowed)). So my nana(grandma) and papa knew about all the bad things he did, but couldn't tell my mom. One day, when I was a year and a little, my dad had left the house. He left a lot and stayed away for long periods of time. My mom had finally had enough. She called one of her best friends and told her that she was leaving my dad and wanted help packing. Her best friends response: "you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this call.".

In the rush, my mom and her bestie (I'm going to call her my aunt because I don't want to type "and her bestie" every time they do something) mostly packed my things. In the midst of packing things, my aunt put, of all things, a pair of oven mitts in a box. At first my mom was confused, but my aunt said that she would look at these and laugh when she got home.

**a/n: I wanted to note that my nana and papa had moved to a different town in the main land(mom stayed on the island), and also I find it very touching that my mom uses those oven mitts today still even though it was a long time ago.**

In all the rush, my mom forgot to call her parents to tell them she was coming home. So when my mom pulled up outside their house at three am, they here a little shocked. She knocked on the door, and a tired papa opened it. By the look of my mom(and the fact she was crying) he knew what happened. He hugged my mom (I was still sleeping in my car seat in the car) and by that time my nana was down stairs. As she hugged mom, my papa walked out to the car and picked me up. My mom swears he looked happiest when he was holding me (and I still cuddle with him a lot (I am SUCH a papas girl!))

I have to thank my grand parents for everything. They fed us and paid for my mom to go to interviews and watched me while she was out.we lived with them until I was about three or four. They spoiled me rotten!! For Easter one year, they got me one of those little cars, you know the ones I'm talking about, the ones the little kids drive, nowadays they often are green john deer ones for little boys, or pink Barbie ones for girls?,

Anyway, when I was about five my mom and her boyfriend got married. They were happy for a while, but then they started fighting. Now I was allowed to see my dad, and he spoiled me too. Around this time I had finished pre-school and was about to start kindergarten. I only had one main friend, Shae. We met in on the tire swing on the Montessori playground. Her family and mine were practically related.

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