Train Through Time

Did you ever want to travel through Europe by train, see all those cultures and societies, and acquire so much, so that one day you can tell your journeys to your offspring, grand kids and the world maybe?

Well, this is such an adventure of a young fellow who has been roaming through Europe by train and even as far as the Middle East.

However, this adventure is not only physical but also mystical and takes you as the bibliophile through many contemplations of your own that strife you throughout life.

If you want to accomplish something in life, this might be the inspiration and motivation to change your life - for the better.

Take a journey around the world and who knows, maybe you can write your own adventure.


1. Locale

I don't know how I should start this? With the words "beginning of the war" or the more childfriendly "changes and a new chance"? I´ll let you decide when this journey ends.

The whole thing began before my physical birth but that kind of ranting I´ll save for desert.

A couple of years ago and after the initiation of the new world order plan Europe started declining in status and wellfare. So people with education were struggling to find a job. We're talking about bachelors masters degrees done ending up cleaning bathrooms, becoming butchers and you name it. And if you are a foreigner in good old Denmark chances are further decreased of getting a job.

After a year of teaching kids in school I had to respond to a call. These calls are actually for everyone. But depending on individuals, their hearts, deeds and intentions they can respond to this call otherwise they themselves deprive them from such. This call is unexplainable but for those who are aware and do respond.

Awareness comes from pondering and concentration. Pondering about life, death and what it´s all about. 

My school teacher told me everything was a coincidence and hence we're here for no real goal but to enjoy life and then die. Einstein didn't accept this theory and neither do I. There's gotta be more to it than just sex, food and rest. At least I believe that, even if there's no afterlife like most Jews believe, I gotta do something big in life. Not for me to be remembered after I'm gone. That's not gonna benefit me at all.

But for me to be able to help others this gotta be an achievement worth. And if there is an afterlife maybe this could come in handy.

I bet all this pondering has given me awareness. I know apt of things that I've kept secret within my chest. Who can listen and who can comprehend it?

So I started with an ad on Facebook that my apartment is available for rent and I'm Outta here!

I booked my Interrail ticket and hence was responding to the call...

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