1. Bells

I woke up to the sound of bells warning bells, bells that say get up get out get armed, or get killed. I got dressed the fastest I ever have and grabbed my sword. As I ran outside the silence was deadly. Mum and Dad rushed out beside me and told me that they had my little sister Ella in our basement with ready made food and clean water, she was going to stay there until it was all over.

Flabutonia was a lovely little village that Talia lived in, they train day and night to be prepared for something like this, a battle, a war, the citizens will do whatever it takes to keep their village safe."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" that scream peirced the silence like a spear in the heart, it was their cue to charge.

They headed for the town centre which was right in the centre of Flabutonia. Talia spotted one of her friends Lyon. He had his bow and arrow in hand and was looking very nervous. They ran to meet "Well this is new" Lyon said. "I know, scary to think we spent our whole lifes preparing for this moment and now its here it just dosn't seen real! I wonder who that scream came from I can't bear the thought of it being from anyone at all in Flabutonia." Turin and Tisha the two twins came over looking suprisingly happy. "Whats with the long faces?" Turin asked cheekily. "Maybe the fact that were about to get launched into battle and have a good chance of getting KILLED." Lyon replied. "Oh dont get your knickers in a twist it'll all work out and I doubt we'll get killed after all the training we've received."

Saxan ran over to them suprisingly crying, he had always been the one to stay strong. What could be so bad that it made Saxan cry? That's when Talia knew there was something terribly wrong...

"They killed Milana" Saxan explained. "Oh my god" I'm not believing that, sorry Saxan I'm never going to believe that.

Milana was Saxans little sister and Ellas best friend, how was I suppsed to tell her that little Milana was gone. Forever. "Hold on does that mean that that awful scream belonged to Milana?" Talia asked in the softest voice I possibly  could. "Ye-es-s " Saxan said as we embraced in a hug, my shoulder was awfully wet but I really couldn't care less! We had an extremely  long group hug before Talia realised that whoever killed Milana would soon reach them and the war would start...

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