My amnesia girl

'I do' I answer the priest.

"Do you Harry Styles take Aaylaah Flinn as your beloved wife and be with her forever, and be with her with the madness and happiness of life?" the father ask Harry and he didn't answer. His eyes met mine and it was dark and cold.
"I can't" he said and run away, away from me. My heart shattered into pieces as I fall into the ground. My heart was wrenched, I was hurt. The man I thought would forever love me, was now running away from me. What did I do? What did I do to him to do this? I love him.

I sob and curl up into a ball. The people gasp. My lips trembled as I cried Harder. I need Harry, I need him to hug me, to feel his lips against mine,, he left me, he left me in this altar.

*After 1 year*

I was now in the grocery buying some soda when someone called my name.

"Aaylaah? Is that you?" I turned to look at him and my blood boils. It was Him. it was Harry. Who left me hurt.

"Um yeah? Sorry who are you?" And that was it. I pretend to have an amnesia.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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