SuperWhoLock HighSchool AU Facebook RP

Welcome to Gallifrey High, 221B Baker Street, Lawrence, Kansas.</b>

A high School Au roleplay of the mighty fandom trio, Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who.
This RP is based of the Facebbok RPs that have been monopolised by the K/JPop fandoms. I decided to try to make one for SuperWhoLock. Read the rules and how to join to, you know, join

Thank you ^^


1. Rules

- No OOC fighting/drama please. That just makes everone feel uncomfortable and won't be accepted

- Don't be hate someone just because you don't like their character

- Try to keep it PG-13 on groups and walls. Whether you roleplay smut is your choice but other people don't necessarily like that

- On the same note, do not force someone to smut with you. If they don't want to it's their choice, okay?

- Only one of each character. If we have 10 Dean Winchesters running around it's going to get confusing

- Mix fandoms! I cannot stress how important this is in a cross fandom roleplay! Don't just keep the Sherlock characters seperate from the Doctor Who and Supernatural characters and so on. They NEED to all grouo together if you see what I'm meaning. Have the Tenth Doctor be be friends with Anderson if you want. Or have Sherlock and Sam Wichester dating, that is more than fine! PLEASE!

-The password is "Fish fingers and pie"

- Don't force your OTP! Just because you ship something doesn't mean everyone has to. Shipping isn't necessarily impostant in this. Sure, if your playing Clara and the Eleven is down with your Whoufle then that's fine but it is their choice


- NO SPOILERS! DON'T POST OR WRITE AND KIND OF SPOILERS UNLESS YOU ARE RIVER SAYING THE WORD SPOILERS! There might be people here who have watched all of Doctor Who but haven't seen the Reichenbach Fall episode of Sherlock yet. Or someone may have watched all of Sherlock but haven't seen all of Supernatural's damn lot of seasons. You never know what someone has seen so just DON'T DO IT!

- Respect each other!! Don't go around abusing everyone because that is not on! Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated are we clear?

- Also respect your admins. We're just here to do our job and just want this to run as smoothely as possible. If we decide on something that is the decision. Feel free to message us if you have a problem but do not abuse or bully us for making a decision you don't agree with

- If you do not follow these rules we admins can and more than likely will remove you, okay?

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