The potter's reunited...

The war is finally over. But along with that, Lily and James reappear alive. ALVE, not dead. But one question is on harry's mind. Is it really them?


3. First lesson

Harry was just deciding on how to decorate the classroom when his father whispered:" If you're gonna decorate this place, why not start with the uh- ceiling..." Then he conjured up oragami birds and made them fly all around the classroom. Hermione dropped in to enchant the ceiling just like the Great Hall, and Ron gave him some crazy spell to change the colours of the walls. The desks were transfigured by Ginny into cody tents, just incase the ceoling rained on them. The rest was fine: the room of requirement really did make a great classroom!


Harry's POV

As the students walked in I couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Mum and dad were at the back of the class in one of the smaller tents. Ginny squeezed my hand reassuringly, which worked well. Now I wasn't so scared anymore. "Hi everyone, I'm proffesor Potter, but I guess you can call me Harry,"he said, introducing himself. "My girlfriend Ginny will be assisting me, as she has almost as much experience as me and my friends do. Any questions?"



A boy spoke up from the front. "Sir, I wanna be JUST LIKE you when I'm older," he said.        "Please, call me Harry. I don't like all this proffesor stuff. I'm only nearly eighteen now!" That day they worked on boggarts. Harry was sure to be sensitive, as he knew that some children were scared of seeing their greatest fear. He taught them to ignore their boggarts and turn into something that amused them. Soon enough, cries of "RIDIKULIS!" Rang through the room.


After class...

"Can I have a go now?" For the whole lesson, James had been begging his son to let him have a go at tackling the boggart. "Oh shut up, you," Lily said with a grin. James stuck his tounge out at her in retort. Soon enough pillows had appeared and a full on pillow fight had begun.

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