Through Thick and Thin

Alex Crawford moves in with her cousin Kim Crawford. They look a lot alike, because their dad's are twins. What happens when she see the gang after another summer, and meets someone new? What happens when someone figures out her passion? Read to find out...


1. Through Thick and Thin

"Kim!" I yell up the stairs.

"Alex!" she yells back.

"Come on! You said we would go to the mall today!" I yell.

"We will, hold on! Let me find my phone," she yells down the stairs. I hug and walk to the kitchen and grab an apple. I take a bite, when I notice Kims iPhone laying on the counter.

"Found it!" I yell up to her. She comes barreling down the stairs, almost falling flat on her face in the process.

"Where?" she asks.

"By the paper towels," I say getting up and throwing my core away.

She grabs her phone and says, "Thanks LexieBear!"

I laugh and say, "No problem KimmyBoo."

"We gunna go?" She asks.

"Heck yeah! I need new Vans!" I say getting up from the stool. I grab my skate board from next to the door, and we head off.

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