Hermione's shocker

Read if you dare


1. there has to be a mistake

Hermione POV

"Hey harry"

"Hey hermione. What are you doing?"

"Nothing" it's some thing I have to find a

bluddy way to get of that book so I can get

a good grade. Why couldn't I get it???

"Ok then mione"

I'm so happy to day we got our report cards back

and I know I got all A+ and I just can't wait to

brag to harry and Ron. I open it up and see this

Transfiguration : a+

Ancient runes : A +

Divination : A+

Care of magical creatures: A+

D.A.D.A : A+

Potions: b

I couldn't believe my eyes. I haven't gotten

anything lower than a A+ since 3rd grade. I go

straight to professor Slughorn's office.

"Excuse me professor" I ask

"Yes hermione"

"I am wondering why I got a b in your class "

"Everyone but harry did because he did the

potion right. Everyone else failed to come close

so I think everyone else deserved a b" I knew this

was my chance to report harry about that stupid

book. What are the words coming out of my

mouth? No book in the world is stupid. I tried to

say harry has a book that is giving him all of the

answers. But it was like a tattletale, it sounded

like rubbish and harry was my friend I couldn't

betray him.

"Bye professor " I tell him as I storm out of the

room to find harry sitting gleefully in the great

hall. I'm gonna make him pay.

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