This times for real (a niall horan fan fiction)

Love is for real❤️


1. pilot:/

"Cami breakfast is ready!" "Two seconds mom ..."I mumbled into my pillow "don't wanna be late on your first day!" "FINE"I screamed.luckily my new school doesn't have a dress code I quickly put on a pair of light wash high wasted shorts and a floral spandex croptop with a pair of white converse then I brushed through my ombré beach waves and got my English rose vara bradley back pack.Then I grabbed my keys for my red 2014 Camry (im a senior this year FYI)and headed of to school.When I got in I parked and went to my first class , social studies with mr.oswalt when I walked in I saw 5 boys in the back seats of the class room who looked pretty intimidating ,especially the blonde one with striking blue eyes who just happened to be smirking at me.i must say he was HOT! But he looked like bad news.and just my luck the only seat left was the one right in front of him "Cami have a seat in front of Niall please he will also have to be your partner for the project since you are new"I could feel Niall staring at the back of my head with his cocky smirk this was gonna be a great first day!*note my scarcasm*. *bell rings* I got up from my desk and was about to walk out of class when someone grabbed my wrist and spun me around "can I help you?"I said annoyed t Niall "I'm your partner niall" he said with a mischievous smirk that I could just slap off of his face " look I got to get to class so tootles" I said rolling my eyes and turning my heel. "Hey I'm Amanda And did I just overhear you sassing THE Niall horan?!" "Uh yea why" I said "your kidding right the last newbie that looked him straight in the eyes ended up having to move away because he got dumped in the trash can every morning by Niall!" Great JUST GREAT it's only been 1st period and I am already ruined here.

"Well looks like your just gonna have to be nice for a long time to repay him it is the only way he will leave you alone!anyways since you're new come and sit with us at our table at lunch ,it's by the willow tree." Kay great see you there bye" "bye" Nextperiod:science-mrs.crowley Again I thought to myself when u was niall sitting with his little possey hanging in the back behind the last seat;this is going to be a LONG day:(

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