Why Boys Why ? (A magcon fanfiction)


1. And Off We Go !

Sandy's POV

"Let's go Sandy !" shouted my bestfriend(practically sister) Lacey from downstairs.

I would probably be rushing her too if she was keeping me waiting on the most exciting day of my life. It was the we were finally going to Magcon! "Today is the day Lacey!" I said as I ran downstairs. We had been waiting to meet the boys and Mahogany for as long as i could remember and it was finally happening.We had to beg for weeks and save up for months since we live in texas and the event was at New York but i knew that it was going to be worth it. "Bye Mom I said as I kissed her on the cheek and gave her a bear hug. "Be safe, have fun, don't forget to ca-"she said before I shut the door and raced Lacey to the car. "So? Anyone you want to get to know ?" Lacey said with a mischievous smirk on her face. "No Lacey, remember ? I can't date anyone because you are with me !" i said. Ever since we were younger,Lacey has been much prettier. She has long straight blonde hair that looked liked silk, a perfect beach body since she is cheerleading captain, flawless pale but not to pale skin,hazel with a hint of green eyes and of course her sense of style. She is the type of girl who boys will instantly fall in love with not only because of her looks but also because of her outgoing and athletic personality.I on the other hand , am the complete opposite of her. I have curly sand colored hair that goes all the way down to my non existing butt(ironic huh my name and my hair color ?), tan skin that is always oily, brown eyes, and a anti-social shy personality. The only thing Lacey and I have in common is our sense of style and we were lonely before we met each other.That's what made us bond. Lacey's parents had gotten a divorce when she was twelve and ever since then she was lonely on the inside but courageous on the outside. When I turned eleven my father passed away so I was also lonely. Lacey and i were in the same eighth grade gym class and we instantly became bestfriends . However Lacey became confident and i didn't. But thankfully Lacey isn't cruel and forgot about me.Now we are eight-teen and live together because both of Lacey's parents abandoned her . "SHUT UP YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL SANDY NOW LET'S GO TO NYC BABY ! " she said as she started the car and our 32 hour ride.

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